by Lyle Smith

Synology’s Surveillance Station Version 6.1 Now Available

Synology has announced the latest version of its Surveillance Station with version 6.1. Surveillance Station is Synology’s fully-integrated network video recording solution, introducing numerous additions and upgrades with version 6.1, making Surveillance Station even more feature-rich. Edge recording and center management are powerful tools that help to solve bandwidth issues and maximize the storage of remote cameras. Additionally, with edge recording, primary data storage is kept where cameras are located while center management keeps camera control at a single location, helping to minimize unnecessary footage transmission.

Surveillance Station 6.1 introduces the Synology Web Object, which allows Windows Internet browsers to function without Java. It also integrates with Windows Active Directory and LDAP for improved control over permissions.

On-screen controls now appear within active windows, which give users greater control in live-view mode. In addition, version 6.1 now supports over 1700 cameras and introduces Device Pack to speed up camera integration.

Additional features include:

  • Water marking: Invisible watermarking validated through evidence integrity authenticator
  • iOS and Android support: For mobile access to your Surveillance Solution
  • More granular controls for video/image quality, resolution, and FPS
  • Time slicing: For quickly scanning large blocks of footage
  • Smart search: For quickly finding specific events


Surveillance Station 6.1 is free to download through the DSM Package Center for all supported Disk and RackStation hardware using DiskStation Manager 4.3.

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