by Lyle Smith

Connected Data Transporter Genesis Private Cloud Storage Platform Announced

Connected Data has unveiled the Transporter Genesis. The company claims it is the first private cloud storage platform to combine the modern file management features of public cloud storage services, such as with Dropbox or Box, with the visibility and control offered by a NAS system from vendors, such as NetApp. With Transporter Genesis, organizations can keep cloud data on-site without having to pay recurring monthly fees, manage storage capacity limits, or replace legacy storage systems. 

Transporter Genesis is built on Connected Data’s Transporter technology, enabling IT administrators to create a completely private cloud storage system that allows employees to sync, access, and share files from all of their authorized computers and mobile devices. In addition, multiple Transporter Genesis appliances can collaborate as a unified system to locate data where required for performance as well as to simplify the task of adding users and capacity. Transporter Genesis is also designed for all types of organizations, such as those with remote offices and mobile employees and those in highly regulated industries such as legal, healthcare and financial services.

Remote access is often restricted to specific computers and requires the use of VPNs. Once connected, they have to navigate a shared drive hierarchy that usually makes sense to only the person who organized it. Transporter Genesis eliminates those limitations due to its integrated Windows Explorer or Mac Finder experience. Users can organize data in a way that best suits them and they can easily access files anywhere from their computers, smartphones, or tablets. In addition, all data is immediately and automatically synced across authorized devices in order to ensure that all users have the most recent version of files.

A company can easily add Transporter Genesis systems in a grid-like fashion to sync offsite and scale capacity and performance as needed. Key benefits include:

  • Delivers “Anytime, anywhere” file access and sharing
  • Provides total control over location and redundancy of data
  • Eliminates privacy concerns of public cloud storage
  • Automatically syncs data between Transporter systems
  • Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory
  • Includes versioning, auditing and read-only controls
  • Provides up to 24TB of cloud accessible storage per node
  • No monthly or per user fees

Pricing and Availability

Transporter Genesis will be generally available in November in multiple storage configurations, starting at 12TB for $9,999. There are no recurring subscription costs or requirements to replace legacy storage systems.

Transporter Genesis

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