by Brian Beeler

Crucial m4 SSD Firmware 0009 Available

Crucial has just issued a new firmware update for all Crucial m4 SSDs. This new firmware, version 0009 (our original review model featured 0001) increases sequential read speeds by up to 20%, improves write latency for better handling of heavy write workloads and offers compatibility with the latest chipsets. 


Crucial also points out the new m4 firmware solves an issue with intermittent failures in cold boot up seen in some specific host system configurations. 

m4 owners may easily upgrade from either firware 0001 or 0002 to 0009 by downloading it from Crucial's support site

We will be upgrading our m4 and will post revised benchmarks shortly. 

Update 8/30/11 - Crucial m4 Review Updated

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