by Lyle Smith

DataCore & Supermicro Partner To Create A New Enterprise-Class Hyper-Converged Solution

DataCore Software has entered into a partnership with Supermicro to build an enterprise-class Hyper-converged solution that offers both ultra-high performance and web-scale simplicity. DataCore says that these systems will be priced as a cost-effective option for traditional Hyper-converged use cases and that they will boast the world’s fastest hyper-converged performance. Moreover, the new systems will be able to run demanding enterprise applications using a much smaller portion of the nodes compared to its competition. The new solutions offer hyper-consolidation and ‘zero-touch’ continuous availability to help keep businesses running without downtime.

DataCore and Supermicro intend to work together to improve productivity gains, which can be realized by improved consolidation and cost savings through virtualized applications, better I/O performance, and faster response times.

DataCore Hyper-converged Virtual SAN software delivers a highly available and high-performance solution for virtualized applications in a cost-effective package. DataCore indicates the following advantages:

  • Faster: Faster applications means more transactions processed in less time, more data analyzed faster and higher VM density.
  • Always on: Highly available infrastructure and built-in metro-wide stretch mirroring with ‘zero-touch’ automatic failover and failback reduces disruptions to business operations and decreases risk.
  • Do more with less: Run more workloads, with better performance and availability, on far fewer servers and utilize existing infrastructure for cost savings both direct and indirect (less power, cooling and space).
  • Higher efficiency: Integrated infrastructure means it’s easy to manage everything, with fewer people.

Combined, Supermicro and DataCore offer extensive flexibility and customization to organizations: the former offers a wide variety of server configurations so users can choose the most appropriate solution for their specific situation, while DataCore’s Parallel I/O technology operates across all Supermicro hardware devices.

Pricing and Availability

Base hardware configurations 2-node configurations from Supermicro and DataCore software are available now for Large Enterprise, Enterprise, Midrange, and Entry-level use cases.

The new Hyper-converged systems are available also now available, which include hardware, software and 3 years support. The list prices begin at just under $40,000 per node.



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