by Michael Rink

Dell Announces Disk Library for Mainframe 5.1

Today Dell EMC announced Disk Library for mainframe (Dlm) 5.1 at the SHARE 2019 conference. Disk Library for mainframe is Dell EMC's virtual tape library for IMB z systems and Unisys ClearPath Dorado mainframes. Dell EMC (EMC Corporation prior to their acquisition by Dell in 2016) provides data center services and products including servers, storage, and converged infrastructure.

Dell EMC Disk Library for mainframe 5.1 is the first incremental release since 5.0 was released. As an incremental release coming less than a year after the previous version, we shouldn't expect to see many new features, and Dell has delivered on that front. Dlm 5.1 has only two significant new features. The first is the addition of command options to move data automatically or on request to the cloud. The other new feature is also a new command. This one provides a simple, single-step to recall data from the elastic cloud storage (ECS) used for long term retention.

No features were removed in 5.1 so customers will continue to have access to all the capabilities Dell has added over the years. Customers will continue to be able to use PowerMax's Symmetrix Remote Data Facility in synchronous mode (SRDF/S) to mandate that the backup remains truly synchronized with the primary by forcing the primary to delay the next write until the backup has confirmed that it has completed the current one. Connectivity provisions are holding steady at 32 ports of 16Gb FICON connectivity. Likewise, customers can still use up to 512 virtual drives per virtual tape engine.

Dell EMC Disk Library for Mainframe

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