by Josh Shaman

Dell Announces Support for 4TB HDDs in Compellent Storage Arrays

Dell has announced the availability of its densest Dell Compellent storage arrays that offer support for Seagate's latest 4TB SAS hard drives offering a 33% capacity boost over the previous generation 3TB drives. Compellent arrays dynamically tier data; frequently accessed data is shifted onto high-performance SSD, Fibre Channel, and high-speed SAS drives, while Compellent designates less commonly accessed data to high-capacity SAS drives. This optimization enables companies to increase capacity while maintaing performance and control on budgetary issues. Dell is the first major SAN provider to offer the Seagate Enterprise Capacity 4TB 3.5" HDDs which will be included in the Compellent SC200 enclosure. 

For the Seagate Enterprise Capacity 4TB 3.5" HDD newly available in Dell Compellent storage arrays, updates to capacity are significant, but overall performance enhancements over the previous model are also critical. Starting on capacity, previously a standard 2U enclosure had a 36TB raw capacity, but now the same twelve 3.5" drive bays can support up to 48TB. Users looking for high capacity don't have to increase density now or settle for consumer grade products. As far as performance goes, the new generation ES.3 has doubled cache up to 128MB compared to the previous model ES.2 at 64MB of cache. Also improved, sustained data rates have increased to 175MB/s, up about 20MB/s. Another significant gain is that the MTBF is now 1.4 million hours up from 1.2 million hours. In fact, this newer Seagate ES.3 that Dell is offering in the Compellent arrays actually beat out the previous generation ES.2 in every single workload test it ran through in the StorageReview labs.


The 4TB SAS 3.5" HDD drives are available now for new systems or exisiting deployments that run Storage Center 6.2.2 or higher.

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