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Dell Announces Unified Workspace At Dell Tech World 2019

Today at Dell Technologies World 2019, in Las Vegas, Dell announced Unified Workspace which integrates Dell devices and services with VMware and Secureworks to help businesses deal with end-user computing (EUC) pain points thereby allowing companies to focus on adapting their business to meet the needs of their workforce. The modern worker expects that their devices will allow them to collaborate and work the way they want, where they want, when they want. Unfortunately, these demands are a struggle for overworked IT departments that spend the majority of their time on the initial deployment of PC and other devices, answering help desk requests, and monitoring and troubleshooting these devices once they have been deployed. Unified Workspace promises to ease the burden on IT staff and improve the end users workplace experience.

Unified Workspace assists the IT department to make sure that the work force will get the device that they need, regardless of what type of device it is, what operating system that it runs, and regardless if it applications run locally, on-premise or in a cloud. Unified Workspace handles the complete lifecycle of a device as companies can specify what applications and configurations should be on the device when it comes out of the factory and then updates, monitors and manages the device as needed through its lifecycle. Unified Workspace uses VMware single sign on functionality to allow Workspace ONE users to access application using the same password regardless if the applications are running locally or in a SaaS environment.

Dell also introduced a new product; SafeBIOS; an off-host BIOS verification utility. SafeBIOS will be available as a standalone download or it can be integrated with VMware Workspace ONE, Secureworks or CrowdStrike.

Dell highlighted that security is a major focus of Unified Workspace and it had predictive and proactive support that becomes more insightful, actionable and personalized over time. This will not only reduce the burden of the IT department to support devices but will improve the end users experience by making their devices more secure and reliable.


  • Dell Provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE, ProDeploy Client Suite and ProSupport Suite for PCs are currently available. 
  • The Dell SafeBIOS downloadable verification utility will be available May 2019. The verification utility integration with VMware Workspace ONE, Secureworks and CrowdStrike will be available in Q2 CY19.
  • Dell SafeGuard and Response is generally available.

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