by Lyle Smith

Dell Cloud Client-Computing Announces Dell Services and Support for Wyse Thin Clients

Dell Cloud Client-Computing has announced the launch of Dell Services and Support for Wyse Thin Clients, which is comprised of a complete portfolio featuring Deployment Services, ProSupport and Accidental Damage Service. Most importantly, however, it will give Dell Cloud Client-Computing customers support throughout the product lifecycle and beyond the box. By delivering key services that will help maximize productivity, minimize disruption, gain efficiency and reduce risk, this new portfolio of services for Wyse will help IT staff focus on IT innovation rather than maintenance. 

Dell Cloud Client-Computing delivers VDI solutions that are known to be very easy to plan, deploy and run. Dell also helps to reduce cost and complexity that is usually inherent with VDI so that it will be more accessible to a wider range of customers and not just highly regulated industries such as healthcare, retail, government, education and finance. This will allow mid-market organizations to take advantage of VDI benefits. With Wyse zero clients and thin clients, Dell indicates that organizations can create a customized IT environment designed to meet unique budget, application and performance requirements from the endpoint to the datacenter with top-in-class security for all of their data.

Dell Services and Support for Wyse Thin Clients is vital in helping customers minimize disruption, speed up deployment time, and save money. With these services, Dell provides: 

  • Comprehensive planning and project management to support IT staff
  • Help loading company images, configuring BIOS settings, applying asset tags, and installing new systems into your environment
  • 24x7 access to in-region technical support experts – a single source for all support needs including third party collaborative software support
  • A streamlined support process including rapid repair options to resolve hardware issues
  • Accidental Damage Service to quickly get your equipment back in working order in the event of spilled liquids, drops, falls and other collisions

Wyse Zero Clients | Wyse Single Clients

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