by Lyle Smith

Dell EMC Announces the Tactical Microsoft Azure Stack

Dell EMC has announced the Tactical Microsoft Azure Stack, a ruggedized and field-deployable solution designed specifically for tactical edge environments in areas a such as government, military, energy and mining. It is based on the company’s all-flash Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack, enabling Azure consistent-cloud to operating environments with limited or no network connectivity, fully mobile or high portability requirements and harsh conditions that need military-grade specifications. It also works well in applications that have high security requirements as it features optional connectivity to Azure Government, Azure Secret and Azure Top Secret.

Dell EMC indicates that this new solution will offer a familiar environment and a consistent experience for Azure-based services in the field. Tactical Azure Stack also uses Dell EMC features such as:

  • automated patch and update capabilities,
  • PowerEdge hardware management
  • integration with Isilon, CloudLink, and Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
  • one call to Dell EMC for service and support for the entire hardware stack.

Dell EMC assures customers that the core components of the new Tactical Microsoft Azure Stack are identical to their current all-flash Data Center Azure stack solution. Moreover, their exclusive firmware update automation and Dell EMC services and support are all consistent as well, no matter the environment customers have their Azure stacks set up in.

Its management case is equipped with the hardware lifecycle host, 25GbE Top of Rack switches and the baseboard management switch, an allow customers to add additional core transit cases up to the full node limits of Microsoft Azure Stack (each holding two T-R640 scale unit servers).

The Tactical Microsoft Azure Stack is also a fairly compact device, as it measures in at just 41.5” high and at 25.6” operating depth. This allows for a range of different government use cases including military, energy and mining applications, and in forward deployments and mobile environments in marine, aerospace and other MIL-STD 810G compliance conditions.


Availability in the US is expected during the first quarter of 2019, Dell EMC will extend the release schedule to other countries throughout the year.

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