by Lyle Smith

Dell EMC DSS 9000 Rack Scale Infrastructure Announced

Dell EMC has announced the DSS 9000, an open and agile rack scale infrastructure designed to aid carriers and service providers in accelerating the adoption of software-defined data centers and cloud computing initiatives. The DSS 9000 offers organizations compute, storage, networking, power, cooling and open management in a pre-integrated rack with up to 96 nodes--as well as various Intel Xeon processors--to allow for unique builds based on customer needs. Dell EMC claims also that the DSS 9000 will promote a future of composable infrastructure, provisioning and managing at the rack level--and across the entire infrastructure--with a single interface.

The DSS 9000 helps carriers and service providers to keep pace with growing digital workloads and constant increase of data requirements by offering the following benefits:

  • Accelerate delivery of new services by provisioning, deploying and managing at the rack level to speed time to value and deliver better total cost of ownership. 
  • Simplify large scale operations with management based on the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) Redfish specification that ensures interoperability with heterogeneous systems.
  • Provide greater business agility by disaggregating hardware resources and creating composable systems with Redfish and Intel Rack Scale Design (RSD).
  • Future-proof infrastructure with open principles; for example, the DSS 9000 is recognized by the Open Compute Project as OCP-INSPIRED and designed with an open networking approach to support NFV and SDN initiatives.
  • Deploy workload-optimized configurations with a variety of rack heights that accommodates full, half and third-width compute and storage sleds as well as other standard server, storage and networking options.


The DSS 9000 with Intel Xeon Scalable for a release in the Americas in the 3rd quarter of Dell EMC’s fiscal year 2017, and in other regions worldwide in the 4th quarter (end of January 2018).

Dell EMC Rack Scale Infrastructure

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