by Michael Rink

Dell EMC Server Announcements from SC19

Today, at Supercomputing 2019, Dell made a slew of announcements. The company released two new Dell EMC Ready Solutions, announced a Ready Solutions for AI validated design due next month and announced new GPU and FPGA options for its PowerEdge Servers that are slated for sometime early next year.

Dell Technologies is expanding its portfolio of Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC Storage with two new, turnkey solutions. The first solution is for ThinkParQ's BeeGFS. ThinkParQ's software-defined parallel file system, speeds-up input/output-intensive workloads with the ability to scale from small clusters to enterprise-class systems on-premises or in the cloud. The second solution is for ArcaStream's PixStor file systems. This solution offers a high-performance parallel file system, enabling data management at scale with the ability to perform archive and analytics in place.  Both of these new solutions are immediately available.  At the same time, Dell EMC is also releasing a 400GbE networking switch called the PowerSwitch Z9332F-ON.

In closely related news, Dell is also expanding its Ready Solutions for AI portfolio with a new validated design for the Domino Data Science Platform. Developed in collaboration with Domino Data Lab, this validated design provides IT with a centralized, extensible platform spanning the entire data science lifecycle. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have any details on what is in the design. At the same time, Dell Technologies also announced four new reference architectures; one each for DataRobot, Grid Dynamics, Iguazio and Kubeflow on Red Hat OpenShift.

Starting sometime early next year, Dell plans to introduce new GPU and FPGA support for its PowerEdge servers. Both NVIDIA Tesla V100S & NVIDIA RTX are slated to get support. The Intel FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card D5005 will be limited to either the Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd or R940xa servers. At the same time, the Dell EMC DSS 8440 server will be adding support for NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPUs as an accelerator option.  The DSS 8440 server can support up to 16 of these GPUs.


Dell EMC Ready Solutions with ThinkParQ or PixStor – immediately

Domino Data Science Platform validated design for AI – December 2019

NVIDIA V100S GPUs & Intel FPGA (PAC) D5005 – early 2020

Dell EMC Main Site

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