by Michael Rink

Dell Releases EPYC Rome PowerEdge Servers

Today Dell announced five new PowerEdge servers that all leverage the new AMD EPYC 7002 processors, including the Dell EMC PowerEdge R6515 and R7515 servers which are available worldwide now. Dell EMC is also expanding the Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC portfolio based on the new PowerEdge servers.

Of the five new PowerEdge Servers announced, the two single-socket servers are ones currently available. The R6515 and R7515 are the new single socket servers, in a 1U and 2U form factor respectively. These single socket servers will user in new levels of performance while providing a good total cost of ownership. The single socket servers are ideal for SDS, virtualization, and VDI.

Dell EMC expects the R6525 and C6525 servers next month. The PowerEdge R6525 is a 1U rack server with two CPU sockets. The R6525 offers a balanced performance for virtualization, HPC, and data analytics. The C6525 is a 2U four-node platform, offering a dual-socket motherboard in each node. The only other C-series PowerEdge server currently available is the C4140, is a "Accelerator-Optimized, High-Density Server" in a 1U form factor. The C6525 is compute-dense and is specifically aimed at diverse HPC applications. The fifth and final server also has the vaguest availability date, being projected out to sometime next year. The R7525 will be a dual-socket AMD rack server in a 2U form factor. The R7525 also brings performance to the table but gives users more flexibility in configuration while supporting SDS as well. 

All of the new PowerEdge servers are equipped with second-generation AMD EPYC CPUs. These are not Dell’s first foray into EPYC powered servers. Notably the older siblings of the two servers currently available, the PowerEdge R6515 and R7515 servers, also had EPYC CPUs and we reviewedthem earlier this year. Dell is claiming that the new servers showed up to a 51% increase in input/output per second (IOPS) when used in Dell EMC vSAN Ready Node deployments compared to their previous generation of PowerEdge servers.

All of the new Dell EMC PowerEdge servers also have support for PCIe 4.0 devices. PCIe 4.0 support not only future proofs the new servers for the next several years at least; it is also probably a major source of the performance improvements Dell is claiming for their new servers. Additionally, Dell claims that the new motherboards in the servers offer better cooling than the previous generation.


  • Dell EMC PowerEdge R6515 and R7515 servers - immediately
  • Dell EMC PowerEdge R6525 and C6525 servers - next month
  • Dell EMC PowerEdge R7525 server - early 2020.

Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers

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