by Lyle Smith

Egnyte HybridCloud Announced

Egnyte has announced the availability of Egnyte HybridCloud File Sharing for the Enterprise, which includes a set of features and integrations that provide a simple, scalable, and secure solution for file sharing and collaboration in enterprise environments. In addition to carefully controlling access and ensuring uninterrupted productivity needs, Egnyte has found that enterprise organizations have additional audit and accountability requirements and desire enterprise-grade security solutions, on-demand scalability, and integration with their existing infrastructure. Business users require that the solution be delivered in packages that are both easy to use and quick to implement.

Egnyte has implemented a new simplified UI based on HTML 5 so that business consumers and IT managers can efficiently navigate through tasks and quickly get their jobs done. Mobile users can also benefit from updated iPad, iPhone, Android applications, as well as a newly released Windows Mobile application. Additionally, end users have access to a number of workflow integrations with Salesforce, Google Docs, and Microsoft Outlook. Mobile productivity app integrations are also included, such as Avatron, QuickOffice, and GoodReader.

Consumer-focused products often don’t meet the scalable needs for large organizations so Egnyte created the Egnyte Object Store, which is an enterprise-class architecture allowing organizations to scale up to 10 million files and upwards of 10,000 concurrent users. Customers can manage uploads up to 1TB by using Egnyte's Unified FTP environment. As a result, this gives both IT and business users a powerful way to collaborate with others. Lastly, partners such as NetApp, Netgear, and VMware provide IT with the tools required to make full use of the Egnyte HybridCloud File Server solution.

Egnyte's new integration with Sophos SafeGuard offers an end-to-end security solution, such as mobile device encryptions and complete control over data encryption keys. IT managers will also have a larger variety of choices with new single sign-on solutions, including VMware Horizon, OneLogin and Symplified and integrations with SAML and Active Directory supply IT managers with reliable security policies.

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