by Lyle Smith

HP and Samsung Announce the HP Z Turbo Drive

HP, in collaboration with Samsung, has announced the HP Z Turbo Drive, an ultra-fast, affordable and efficient PCIe drive for workstations. Designed to address industry dramatic change to accommodate larger files as well as the amount of big data, the HP Z Turbo Drive is a small, extended capacity PCIe SSD that addresses this file storage bottlenecks associated with extremely large files to enhance the efficiency of HP’s Z desktop workstations.

Offering densities up to 512 GB, the HP Z Turbo Drive is 6 times faster than a standard client hard disk drive. Additionally, Samsung claims that their new drive is the first cost-effective PCIe SSD for desktop workstations, providing users with twice the performance of current SATA SSDs; all at comparable prices.

The HP Z Turbo Drive is based on the technology in Samsung’s XP941 PCIe SSD, featuring a direct PCIe connection that eliminates bandwidth limitations found in SATA SSDs in addition to resolving constraints from the SATA bus.


No date has been announced for its release other than "coming soon" but the Z Turbo Drive should be a customizable option in Z Desktop Workstations within a few weeks. 

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