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iland Autopilot Managed Recovery for DRaaS Announced

iland has announced iland Autopilot Managed Recovery, the newest addition to their Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) portfolio. Autopilot Managed Recovery is a fully managed business continuity solution integrated with Veeam and Zerto, which is designed to accelerate application recovery when organizations suffer from data loss or significant downtime. iland claims that their solution is perfect for customers with limited internal disaster-recovery resources and experience, as well as those who are looking a complete recovery strategy.


What is iLand Autopilot Managed Recovery?

As stated, iLand Autopilot Managed Recovery expands on the company’s DRaaS portfolio and is aimed at keeping businesses running and keeping their data available in the event of loss or downtime. With this solution customers will have a fully-managed DRaaS solution that meets specific business recovery objectives.

Autopilot Managed Recovery highlights include:

  • defined SLA backed RTOs and RPOs with advanced runbook documentation focused on application recovery
  • enhanced visibility and reporting over key service metrics, service levels and overall service health
  • top-to-bottom management over on-boarding, failover testing and change control

In addition, iland indicates that, with their support system and Veeam/Zerto integration, customers and resellers will be able to deploy and manage disaster recovery solutions faster and with less demand on IT departments. 

On-boarding Services include:

  • Design
    • Develop full inventory of virtual and physical workloads
    • Assisted design guidance on L2/L3 connectivity into iland Cloud
  • Deployment
    • Veeam/Zerto software installation
    • Setup and configuration of VPN
    • Replication configuration and testing
  • Recovery runbook development
    • Application dependency mapping and tiering
    • Start-up order documentation and automation

Support Services include:

  • Managed failover / Failback testing
    • Fully-managed failover/failback of all VMs
  • Managed service components
    • All iland service components required to meet DRaaS (Zerto ZVM/VRA, Veeam proxies / replication servers, VPN connections, etc)
  • Managed service provisioning
    • New workloads, new capacity requirements, circuits, etc


iland Autopilot Managed Recovery for DRaaS is available through iland and its global network of partners.

iland Autopilot Managed Recovery for DRaaS

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