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In The Lab: Dell Networking S3100 Series Switch (S3148P)

As the StorageReview networking fabric overhaul continues, an important but unsung member of the family includes the Dell Networking S3100 Series Switch. While not as glitzy as the 25GbE networking cards or as fast as the S4048 and Z9100 workhorses soon going into place, the S3100 provides a critical role for the lab. Though our office is relatively small, just over 4000SF, we have technology that can benefit from the PoE ports the S3148P version offers. Primarily this includes a number of PoE security cameras that are always keeping a watchful eye over the lab. We also have an assortment of IP phones and wireless access points that mainline into the 48 Ethernet ports the S3100 offers.

The S-Series comes with a three-year warranty and starts between $2,979 and $4,829 depending on model.

Dell Networking S3148P 1GbE Switch Specifications:

  • Form factor: 1U
  • Chassis type: Fixed port
  • 1GbE Port Attributes: 48x RJ45 auto-sensing (1Gb/100Mb/10Mb) PoE+ fixed ports
  • Integrated 10GbE SFP+ dedicated ports: 2
  • Integrated GbE SFP combo ports: 2
  • Power-over-Ethernet Plus (PoE+): S
  • Maximum PoE Watts/port: 30.8W on 48 ports (may require 2nd power supply module)
  • Performance
    • MAC addresses: 56K (80K in L2 scaled mode)
    • Static routes: 16K (IPv4)/8K (IPv6)
    • Dynamic routes: 16K (IPv4)/8K (IPv6)
    • Switch Fabric Capacity (full duplex): 260Gbps
    • Forwarding Rate: 193Mpps
    • Link aggregation: 16 links per group, 128 groups
    • Priority queues per port: 8
    • CPU Memory: 2GB DDR3
    • Flash Memory: 256MB
    • Packet Buffer Memory: 4MB
  • Physical:
    • Dimensions (HxWxD): 1.7126 x 17.0866 x 16.0236 in (43.5 x 434.0 x 407.0 mm)
    • Weight: 15.2119 lbs (6.9kg)
  • Module Options:
    • 2-port 10 Gigabit BASE-T RJ45 hot swappable uplink module
    • 2-port 10 Gigabit SFP+ hot swappable uplink module
  • Power Supply Options:
    • 1100w, hot swappable, adds redundancy or to power all PoE+ ports fully
    • Options as low as 200W for non-PoE versions
  • Warranty: 3-year

The Dell Networking S3148P 1GbE Switch sports a traditional 1U form factor and weighs about 15 pounds. On the front of the switch are the 48 RJ-45 ports, two 10GbE SPF+ ports, two 1GbE SPF ports, a serial connection port as well as a dedicated out of band management port. The switch also has LED indicator lights and a USB port for firmware updates.

The rear of the switch has a two hot-swappable power supply bays, one the right and another on the left. It also includes a replaceable fan in the center, and dedicated rear stacking ports. The switch also comes with tool-less ReadyRails that allow for a fast installation time.

The S-Series leverages Dell Networking OS9 meaning they can utilize enterprise-class Layer 2 and 3 advanced feature sets. Dell’s Open Automation Framework, a suite of interrelated network management tools that can be used together or independently, supports the entire S-Series, including the S3148P. This is ideal for us as we work with several vendors and different types of hardware. The switch also allows for alternative network operating systems, which is beneficial in the instances where we would need it. The switch aims to provide more performance and lower latency; which Dell claims the switch can hit a data rate up to 260Gbps (full duplex) and a forwarding rate up to 193Mbps.

Another feature is the ability to stack up to twelve switches together resulting in 624 ports. A bit beyond our 1G needs at the moment, but one never knows what may be coming in the door. The switch supports Dell’s Fresh Air compliance meaning it works in ambient temperatures up to 113°F (45°C), which can really help keep cooling costs down. Again, this is specifically beneficial to StorageReview as we use fresh air cooling to control the temperature of our main lab. Overall the Dell Networking S3148P helps bring more continuity to StorageReview lab, with our core switches all running the same switch OS and supporting central management.

Dell Networking S3100 Product Page

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