by Lyle Smith

iXsystems Recertifies TrueNAS X-Series and M-Series for VMware

iXsystems has announced the recertification of their TrueNAS X-Series and M-Series platforms for VMware vSphere and ESXi, adding a new plugin for vCenter 6.5 and 6.7 and support for the VMFS6 file system release. With TrueNAS, organizations can have both all-flash and hybrid builds. Separate systems can be used in large scale deployments, while a single system can have both an all-flash pool and a hybrid pool in smaller-scale deployments.

iXsystems indicates the following virtualized storage solutions for the TrueNAS line:

  • Support for vSphere 6.x: TrueNAS uses the Open Source base and provides the High Availability (HA) appliances needed for certification along with support for VMware vSphere Storage APIs Array Integration (VAAI) for iSCSI.
  • Updated vCenter Plugin: iXsystems released an updated vCenter Plugin, which enables new functionality and integrates with vCenter 6.5 and 6.7. These updates provide valuable improvements in functionality, usability, and reliability for vSphere users.
  • TrueNAS All-Flash and Hybrid Appliances for VM Storage: TrueNAS provides the capacity, IOPS, and latencies demanded by the applications with a total cost that is a fraction of traditional storage.

In addition, TrueNAS unified storage allows organizations to support block, file, and object storage requirements on a unified ZFS back-end that provides high-performance compression, snapshots, and clones. Users can also configure TrueNAS arrays as all-flash or hybrid to meet the needs of the application.

TrueNAS has improved the overall cost equation as well. For example, iXsystems indicates that an all-flash systems start below $20,000 and can scale to a TrueNAS M50 with up to 1,600TB in capacity and 800,000 IOPS in performance. The company adds that user pricing is now less than $1 per GB at a HA system level without having to factor in deduplication and compression ratios. 

TrueNAS Hybrid systems can scale to over 10PB and, using smart caching technologies like NVDIMM and NVMe, users can expect very good performance when using enterprise HDDs for capacity.

TrueNAS Flash-Powered Arrays

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