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Nasuni Announces Google Cloud Storage Support & More

Nasuni announced that it plans to update its platform at least one more time before the end of the year. They just released a set of upgrades at the end of September, so this is an impressively fast update tempo. The new update will include support for Google Cloud Storage (GCS), improved cloud migration tools, and new analytic tools. Nasuni was founded in 2009 and is primarily a file services platform (software and appliances) for the cloud. Their UniFS software essentially treats on-premise network-attached storage (NAS) devices as fast access caches while keeping the bulk of the data in the cloud.

With their next planned update, Nasuni intends to add support for Google Cloud Storage (GCS). This will make Nasuni more attractive to customers with existing dependencies on GCS or multi-cloud needs. Nasuni’s platform already supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure so with the addition of GCS, Nasuni will support the big three public cloud providers. Additionally, with the next update, Nasuni expects to provide support for a number of other storage systems including NetApp StorageGRID, Nutanix Objects, IBM COS, Hitachi Vantara HCP, and Scality RING.

Continuing with the theme of improved cloud support, Nasuni’s next update will also include Nasuni AWS Cloud Migration Services and Nasuni Azure Cloud Migration Services to ease the transition from purely on-premise storage to the public cloud. Since Nasuni’s platform depends heavily on the public cloud, making the transition to using it smoother is a high priority for them.

Last but not least, Nasuni also announced that their next update will come with new analytic tools. When the update comes out, customers will be able to export a temporary second copy of their file data to use with analytics software, AI, machine learning and other data recognition tools such as AWS Rekognition and Macie.


Anticipated before the end of 2019

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