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IBM Power S1012 Extends AI Workloads to the Edge

by Harold Fritts

The IBM Power S1012 is the portfolio’s edge-level server. It is a one-socket, half-wide, Power10 processor-based system for edge computing and core business workloads.

As industries such as retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation increasingly harness artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance business operations, deploying workloads at the edge becomes essential to capitalize on data where it originates. In response to this growing demand, IBM has expanded its server portfolio by introducing the IBM Power S1012.  IBM Power S1012

IBM Power S1012 Tower is a 1-socket system powered by the Power10 processor, offering 3x performance per core compared to its predecessor, the Power S814. The S1012 is also available in a half-width 2U rack-mounted and a tower form factor, targeted to small and medium-sized organizations to run core workloads.

IBM Power S1012 rack mount

IBM Power S1012 Rack Mount Server

With the edge in mind, Power S1012 includes four Matrix Math Accelerators per core to support AI inferencing at the point of data. This built-in AI acceleration allows users to run models at the point where data is being generated without the need to purchase GPUs. Organizations can gain real-time business insights by running these models close to where critical data is being generated and acting on these insights to gain a competitive advantage and improve customer, partner, and patient experiences.


IBM Power S1012 Overhead

Since IBM Power10 processor-based servers can consolidate multiple workloads onto a single system, reducing the number of servers and lowering hardware, software, and maintenance costs will ultimately lower IT infrastructure costs. Built-in PowerVM enables multiple virtual servers to run on a single physical server, leading to better resource utilization and reduced energy consumption.

Transparent memory encryption is a security feature available on all Power10 processor-based servers, including the Power S1012. It encrypts data in memory to protect it from unauthorized access and is designed to provide an additional layer of security for sensitive data without requiring changes to applications or operating systems.


Feature Details
Model IBM Power S1012
MTM 9028-21B
Sockets 1 eSCM
Socket Power Max 240W (rack), 195W (tower)
Module Core Counts 8 (rack only), 3, 12
Core Count (SMT8) Max per system 8
Memory Slots 4 DDR4 ISDIMMs, memory buffers down on planar
Memory Capacity 256 GB
Memory Bandwidth 102 GB/s
System PCIe Slots 2x G5 x8 or G4 x16 direct, 1x G5 x8 direct
Drives 4 NVMe U.2, Optional RDX


IBM Power S1012 will be available beginning June 14 through IBM and its certified Business Partners.

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