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Quantum ActiveScale Z200 All-Flash Object Storage Launched

by Harold Fritts

The Quantum ActiveScale Z200 all-flash object storage appliance helps customers deal with the demands of AI and big data workloads.

Quantum has introduced ActiveScale Z200 all-flash object storage appliance to help customers deal with the demands of AI and big data workloads. The Z200 is the latest expansion to the ActiveScale series, offering an all-flash solution that significantly boosts throughput and transactional performance across a vast scale. This means a compelling value proposition to clients needing superior speed, agility, and efficient data management from terabytes to exabytes—ideal for building substantial data lakes and enhancing AI-driven operations.

Quantum ActiveScale Z200 functions chart

Quantum ActiveScale Z200 Specifications

Feature ActiveScale Z200
Form factor 1U10 – 1 RU
Drives 15.36TB NVMe SSD
Client connectivity 2 x 10/25 Gb
Width 17.2 in (43.7 cm)
Height 1.7 in (4.3 cm)
Depth 23.5 in (59.7 cm)
Configuration weight (kg/lbs) 13.02 kg/28.7 lbs
Power consumption – typical/max (W) 0.46/0.54 KW
Power supplies 100 – 240 VAC
ActiveScale Z200 Scale-Out
Min/max number of nodes 3 nodes (3U) / Unlimited
Min/max raw disk capacity 460.8 TB (30 x 15.36 TB SSD) / Unlimited
Min/max licensed Active capacity (S3 Standard) 100 TB / Unlimited
Min/max ActiveScale Cold Storage (S3 Glacier) 1 PB (optional) / Unlimited
Min/max client connectivity 6 x 10/25 Gb / Unlimited
Max object counts for min/max configs 50 Billion(3 nodes) / Unlimited
Maximum multi-part object size 50 TB
ActiveScale Software
Operating system software ActiveScale OS 7.x
Storage classes Active (S3 Standard-compatible), Cold (S3 Glacier-compatible)
Access protocols RESTful S3, NFS v3
Management interfaces ActiveScale SM Real-time System Management Console, CLI, RESTful API,
ActiveScale View
System analytics Quantum Cloud-Based Analytics (CBA) storage analytics service, Prometheus Monitoring, Alerting, Exporting to Grafana
Security Data encryption in flight SSL/TLS using AES-256, Data encryption at rest using AES-256, FIPS 140-2 certified (optional)
Management services User accounts, Authentication, IAM, Quotas, Notification Services, Active and Cold Storage Class Management, Lifecycle Policies
Data protection Strong/Immediate Consistency, Advanced Active and Cold Erasure Coding, Dynamic Data Placement, Versioning, Object Locking, 3GEO Geospreading, Replication
Data durability Up to 19 nines for both Active and Cold Storage Classes
HW/SW/FW upgrades Non-disruptive rolling upgrades and seamless system expansion

The Z200 appliance is a powerhouse that handles high-volume, data-intensive tasks. It accelerates throughput up to five times and transactions up to nine times faster than traditional hard drive storage solutions. These features are crucial for sectors where rapid data analysis and quick insight generation are critical—making it an easier sell for clients needing high-performance, cost-effective storage solutions that can handle the rigors of AI and big data processing.

According to Bruno Hald, Quantum’s secondary storage VP, “AI and other data-intensive business initiatives are driving the need for a simpler, easy-to-access infrastructure that provides both performance and cost efficiency at scale.” He went on to say the Z200 will meet the need for a “fully integrated enterprise object storage solution that merges high-performance scale-out flash and scale-out tape libraries to build data lakes and storage clouds of outstanding scalability, simplicity, performance, and cost efficiency, without compromising data availability and long-term durability.”

For those focused on cost savings and efficient data management, the Z200 excels by offering significant reductions in physical footprint and cost, particularly for large data lakes and long-term archival storage—up to an 80 percent cost reduction compared to other methods. Quantum’s innovation in metadata management within its cold storage tier allows for swift data restoration and access, a strong selling point for businesses looking to re-access data without delays. These features underscore the Z200’s appeal to sales as a strategic investment for clients, enabling them to leverage their data for new insights and revenue opportunities in the competitive AI landscape.

Leading broadcast and media systems integrator Cinesys.io CTO Brent Angle explained the need to extract greater value from extensive data assets is increasingly evident within its customer base, adding, “It is essential to rapidly analyze large volumes of content, amounting to hundreds of petabytes, and to manage and preserve this data cost-effectively to achieve their objectives.” Angle believes the Z200 all-flash solution will help customers optimize their data infrastructure with the ability to innovate faster.

The ActiveScale Z200 all-flash object storage solution is available immediately or as a service.

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