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ZutaCore HyperCool Liquid Cooling Technology Announced for NVIDIA H100 and H200 GPUs

by Lyle Smith

Air cooling alone isn’t going to be enough for dense GPU platforms. Enter new plates from ZutaCore for NVIDIA H100 and H200 GPUs.

With high-end GPUs like NVIDIA’s H100 and H200 models demanding more power and generating more heat than their predecessors, new cooling solutions are needed – air alone isn’t going to get it done for dense GPU platforms.

This trend towards higher energy consumption challenges the status quo of air-cooled data centers, which struggle to manage the heat generated by these powerful processors. In response, ZutaCore has introduced its advanced cooling solutions, specifically designed to support these energy-intensive GPUs, promising enhanced AI performance and sustainability. They are highlighted by ZutaCore’s waterless dielectric cold plates capable of handling devices with power requirements of 1500W and beyond.

ZutaCore HyperCool Liquid Cooling Technology

Recognizing the need to move to alternative cooling solutions, we have explored several liquid-cooled implementations, such as the work we’ve done with Dell on their GPU servers. To stay ahead of the curve in our lab, we are in the process of deploying a liquid loop to handle half a rack of gear. While much different than the ZuteCore solution, this does start to move us in the right direction – something many enterprises are struggling to sort out right now.

ZutaCore’s HyperCool technology is a direct-to-chip, waterless two-phase liquid cooling system designed to support chips with power requirements of 1,500 watts or more, indicating a solution that could potentially transform data center operations by allowing for greater computational density without the inherent risks of water leakage. To learn more about this implementation, check out this podcast where we talked through the solution in great detail.

The conversation around GPU cooling is becoming increasingly relevant as the industry pushes towards more sustainable AI infrastructure. With the AI server market expected to grow significantly in the near future, the introduction of ZutaCore’s cooling technology could mark a pivotal point in achieving more sustainable and efficient data center operations, capable of supporting the demanding workloads of AI and HPC applications.

ZutaCore HyperCool liquid cooling solution

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