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News Bits: Dell EMC, Virtual Instruments, Apple, Boomi, WekaIO, SwiftStack, & More

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content, not the impact they have. Virtual Instruments announces the newest version of VirtualWisdom. Druva announces record bookings and annual recurring revenue performance. Dell Boomi Gets an Update. SwiftStack 6 is now available. Dell EMC introduces new Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program. Cavium announces a new partnership with IBM. WekaIO Version 3.1 is now available. Compuverde announces the availability of Hybrid Cloud v1.0.

Virtual Instruments Announces the newest Version of VirtualWisdom

 Virtual Instruments has announced a new version of their infrastructure performance monitoring and analytics platform, VirtualWisdom. The company indicates the following features and benefits of the newest version:

  • Application Service Assurance analytics align infrastructure performance with applications needs, by:
    • Providing executive and LOB visibility through easy-to-use executive and application-level dashboards
    • Enabling Tiered Service Level policies to assure the performance of business-critical applications running on shared infrastructure
    • Discovering and mapping application usage of dynamic and virtualized infrastructure
  • Workload and Capacity Optimization analytics proactively manage workloads and capacity from the VM to the storage array by:
    • Optimizing end-to-end workload placement across VM, network and storage
    • Proactively detecting potential performance issues and optimization opportunities through seasonal behavior analytics
  • Problem Resolution and Avoidance analytics enable IT teams to proactively collaborate, troubleshoot and diagnose complex performance issues by:
    • Offering Investigation Runbooks, that provide Suggestive Analytics to identify and resolve issues for every alarm type, while enabling chat-ops to improve cross-team collaboration
    • Detecting anomalies, and automatically comparing to performance baselines to detect and correlate potential root causes of issues
  • Scalable Instrumentation enables deep wire and machine data collection across the data center in real-time by:
    • Adding deeper visibility of software-defined data centers and Hyper-converged infrastructure including VX:Rails, Nutanix, Simplivity, vSAN, ScaleIO and Netflow.
    • Expanding high fidelity wire data support for NAS and SAN to include SMB and FCoE, respectively

Druva Announces Record Bookings and Annual Recurring Revenue Performance

In financial news, Druva has announced record bookings and annual recurring revenue performance for its infrastructure data protection business, an integrated service of Druva Cloud Platform, with more than 500 percent ARR growth over the last six months.

Company highlights:

  • Announced an $80 million funding round with Riverwood Capital in August, bringing total funding to nearly $200 million.
  • Built out key roles with the addition of data backup/recovery pundit W. Curtis Preston as Chief Technical Architect, with further plans to increase global workforce by 14 percent over the next six months (and continue to hire locally).
  • Achieved FedRAMP.
  • Launched its newest product, Druva Apollo for AWS, building on its data intelligence and machine learning capabilities to enable customers to easily analyze and discover data regardless of where it’s stored or who is using it to protect against cyberattacks.
  • Added 300 new customers, including AIG, ANDRITZ, General Electric, Hulu, Intuit, Marriott, PwC, and ServiceNow.
  • Doubled channel growth.


Dell Boomi Gets an Update

Dell Boomi newest version of their flagship cloud integration technology is now available. This release adds new integration accelerators, and features to fortify data insights, security and compliance.

 Other features include:

  • Store, access, and share data across applications with Boomi’s Box connector.
  • Cloud commerce is taken to the next level with Boomi’s Shopify connector to support e-commerce initiatives by simplifying the ability to build integrations from Shopify to other applications.
  • Subscription billing with Boomi’s Zuora connector enables organizations to connect to Zuora’s Z-Commerce Platform to access Z-Billing and Z-Payments data as well as other cloud applications, such as Salesforce, and NetSuite.
  • Execute event-driven processes in near real time with Boomi’s Salesforce Events connector to connect the new Salesforce Platform Events to other applications. In an Internet of Things example, a manufacturer can connect Salesforce Platform Events to smart printers to monitor the status of ink cartridges. When a cartridge is low, Platform Events can automate reordering from a supplier.
  • The ability for data stewards to resolve quarantined issues and increase master data accuracy by allowing business users to edit relationship between different datasets and how they relate to each other.
  • The new Golden Record Query API creates a direct pipeline between an organization’s master data and their analytics solutions. Businesses can now maintain clean master data on top of their transactional data to generate business value and gain a 360 degree view of their master entity.
  • Enhanced reference data management capabilities that allow business users to see relationships within different data sets very simply, visually, and with real-time synchronization.

Dell Boomi

SwiftStack 6 Now Available

SwiftStack 6 features Universal Access for classic and cloud-native applications, offering a cloud-native, single namespace for unstructured data.  Classic data-centric applications that use file protocols are now able to leverage the benefits of SwiftStack, without the need for refactoring.


Dell EMC Introduces New Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program

Dell EMC’s recent midrange storage portfolio has introduced a new Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program, which is comprised of seven “industry-leading” offers:

  • Three-Year Satisfaction Guarantee: Manufacturers typically offer only 30 days
  • 4:1 Storage Efficiency Guarantee: if customers follow Dell EMC’s recommended best practices, they’ll get effective logical storage capacity at least 4X their purchased physical capacity.
  • Never-Worry Data Migrations: seamless upgrades and built-in on-line data migration technology, so it’s always easy for your customers to move up
  • Hardware Investment Protection: Always trade-in Dell EMC or competitive systems for credit towards next gen Dell EMC storage or HCI product offerings
  • All-Inclusive Software: with Dell EMC Storage your customers will have everything they need included with their purchase to store and manage their data
  • Built-in Virtustream Storage Cloud: Dell EMC Unity All-Flash customers immediately get the benefit of a built-in hybrid cloud with 1-year free Virtustream capacity at 20% of their purchased storage capacity
  • Clear Price: Consistent and predictable support pricing and services for your customer’s storage and data protection appliance

Dell EMC Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program

Cavium announces a New Partnership With IBM

Cavium has announced a partnership with IBM for next-generation platforms by joining OpenCAPI, an initiative founded by IBM, Google, AMD, and others. OpenCAPI provides high-bandwidth, low latency interface optimized to connect accelerators, IO devices, and memory to CPUs. Cavium plans to bring its expertise in server IO and security offloads to next-generation platforms that support the OpenCAPI interface.



WekaIO Version 3.1 Now Available

WekaIO has announced the latest version of its cloud-based scalable file system, WekaIO Version 3.1. This enterprise-class, feature-rich, high-performance file system is designed for compute-intensive applications and technical compute workloads. The new snapshot functionality in Matrix Version 3.1 has been built to help users fully realize the cloud via a single vendor solution, providing remote backup services to Amazon S3, provision resources for cloud bursting workflows and a Pause/Resume feature to underpin a hybrid-cloud strategy.

WekaIO Version 3.1 is available now on AWS Marketplace.


Compuverde Announces Hybrid Cloud v1.0

Compuverde has announced the availability of its Hybrid Cloud v1.0 offering. This platform combines software-defined storage solutions with the ability to synchronize two-way data traffic among multiple data centers. Hybrid Cloud v1.0 is designed for organizations who need a scalable, shared storage solution or a storage solution that is seamlessly integrated through all services.

Benefits include:

  • Disaster Recovery: Hybrid Cloud v1.0 supports disaster recovery scenarios where snapshots from one data center can be mounted onto up to 16 different locations. These locations can be connected over the internet, getting rid of strict network requirements and eliminating “hardware compatibility” lists, allowing users the complete freedom to choose their setups.
  • Continuous and future-proof: The solution enables the data center provider to deliver a continuous, positive user experience and makes its solution both flexible and future-proof, with the ability to scale as needed and in the way that best suits the customer’s needs.
  • Easily configurable and maintainable: Hybrid Cloud v1.0 offers high performance, low latency and linear scaling of resources with significant cost savings on capital expenditure and operating expenditure. Partial file updates use minimum network bandwidth while maintaining complete synchronization between file shares at various data sites.

Compuverde Hybrid Cloud

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