by Michael Rink

Pivotal Releases Spring Runtime for Java

Today Pivotal Software announced Pivotal Spring Runtime, a support package for Java environments. Pivotal Application Service will also include Pivotal Spring Runtime. Pivotal Software is a cloud-native platform provider founded six years ago.

Pivotal Spring Runtime includes support for the most popular components of a modern Java development stack and most popular Spring projects—including Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Cloud Dataflow. Pivotal already provides a distribution of Open JDK and plans to continue to provide ongoing support including regular security and performance updates. The most recent major update to their distribution was April 16th, 2019, at the time of writing.Of course, Pivotal Spring Runtime will have Apache Tomcat support. Pivotal supports the open-source project, as well as provides their own open-core enterprise extended edition of Tomcat, Pivotal tc Server.

In addition, Pivotal recently signed on as a Platinum Sponsor of AdoptOpenJDKto help advance the interests of the OpenJDK community. Platinum Sponsors like Pivotal provide the largest financial donations or contribute the largest share of infrastructure to the AdoptOpenJDK project. IBM & Microsoft are both also Platinum Sponsors.

Pivotal Spring Runtime supports workloads running on both Linux and Windows server environments including server-side apps running on bare metal, VMs, containers, or Kubernetes. 


Immediately as a yearly subscription, priced per Kubernetes Pod and per Core.


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