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Leaders and Innovators in EUC – Apporto a Virtual Desktop Innovator

by Tom Fenton

Apporto VDI is a cloud-based or on-prem virtual desktop infrastructure platform. It started out with success in education but now it’s used by major companies and government agencies.

When considering virtual desktops, we often think of two major players: VMware Horizon and Citrix. However, these two companies have recently changed their business models, leading many to look for alternatives. Not to worry, there are plenty of other vendors in this space.

In this edition of Leaders and Innovators in EUC, we examine Apporto, a company that has been providing virtual desktop solutions to users for the past decade.

Apporto logoYou may have heard of Apporto if you were a student at one of the many educational institutions that use it, like UC San Diego, Emory, or SNHU. Apporto is also gaining traction in other industries and has been embraced by major companies such as Bosch and Bayer. Additionally, it is making headway in the government sector, with the US Navy and other federal agencies utilizing it.

Early Innovator in VDI

One of Apporto’s significant claims to fame was that it was the first VDI solution to provide browser access to virtual desktops. That innovation allowed users access to virtual desktops and applications from any device with an internet connection, providing organizations with a consistent and secure computing environment without requiring users to invest in additional hardware.

They were among the first companies to figure out how to make unified communication programs such as Teams and Zoom work with virtual desktops, mount Google Drives on Windows desktops, and deliver Mac virtual desktops via a web browser.

Full-Featured VDI Solution

Apporto virtual desktops can be customized to meet the needs of different users, such as students, faculty, or other functional groups within an organization. This flexibility allowed it to gain inroads into the marketplace. During the pandemic, Apporto saw its business boom as other verticals discovered it, becoming a valuable tool for organizations looking to provide remote or hybrid work solutions.

Apporto browser highlights

Robust Security

Security is one reason institutions have embraced VDI. Apporto includes robust security features designed to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with various regulations. Its virtual desktops are isolated from each other, preventing unauthorized access and data breaches. Apporto provides regular updates and patches to protect against vulnerabilities, and the centralized nature of the platform makes it easier to implement and manage security policies across the organization.

Apporto has bespoke features like shared desktops that enable users to work together seamlessly, regardless of their physical location. This is especially beneficial where groups of users need to collaborate on projects and access specialized software without the constraints of traditional desktops.

Flexible Deployment Options

Earlier this year, Apporto announced an on-premises virtual desktop hosting solution, which moved it from a cloud-only platform to one that can also be deployed on-site. This allows institutions with governance requirements that demand data placement to use its technology locally or companies that are using another on-premises VDI solution to reuse it to host their virtual desktops.


Cost should only be one factor when deciding on a VDI solution, but cost efficiency is a notable benefit of using Apporto. Not only have many of their customers found that Apporto’s licenses are considerably less than the alternatives, but they have found that by leveraging cloud infrastructure, organizations can reduce or eliminate the need for expensive physical hardware and the associated maintenance costs. Virtual desktops can be scaled up or down based on demand, allowing organizations to pay only for the resources they use. This scalability has favored educational institutions, but other institutions with fluctuating demands throughout the year will also benefit from it.

Closing Thoughts

Apporto VDI is a cloud-based or on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure platform. Although initially popular in educational institutions, it gained significant traction during the pandemic and is now used by major companies and government agencies. It is an innovator in the VDI field and was the first to offer browser-based access to virtual desktops and support for unified communication tools.

Its robust security features, including isolated desktops and regular updates, ensure data protection and regulatory compliance. Apporto also supports seamless collaboration with shared desktops and recently introduced on-premises hosting for institutions with specific data governance requirements. Cost efficiency is another benefit, not only is it priced lower than its competitors it allows scalable resource usage based on demand.

If you are in the educational sector, Apporto should be on your shortlist of VDI providers. However, many of the same features that make it such a hit in education also transfer over into other verticals, making it a technology worth considering.

Additional information about Apporto can be found here.

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