by Michael Rink

Storbyte Introduces Its Active On-Line 4:96 Hard Disk Storage System

Following up their release of their ECO FLASH Arraylast May, Storbyte is now aiming to deliver high reliability archive storage at low cost to operate. The compnay today introduced its SBJ series of hardware-defined storage solutions. Storbyte claims that their new SBJ 4:96 model provides 100% zero power to an individual drive, individual drawer or dataset transparent to the host. Offering organizations a purpose-built solution delivering a verifiable data validation and protection plan capability.

Featuring 96 spinning disks in a 4U enclosure, the SBJ 4:96 active archive, permanent true disk library offers 1,344TB of raw capacity complete with a full complement of featured data services. With Active-Audit functionality, the SBJ series allows organizations to complete a user definable, recurring 100% total archive, background, data integrity audit to guarantee total data integrity. Combined with their claim of 100% zero power, Storbyte is offering the certainty of knowing one’s data is still there with much of the cost savings from tape.

According to Storybyte their Fixed Flex Frame hardware chassis boasts an original “true,” future-proof architecture providing an independent component level scale-up and scale-out, user accessible, standards-based upgradability model. These industry exclusive systems were designed to maximize rack space efficiencies while providing 100% on-line, all the time, hot swap redundancy; true enterprise-class availability at close to white box price points.

In addition to its 96-drive model, the SBJ product family also features 48- and 60-drive storage servers and expansion JBODs and JBOFs.


SBJ Storage Systems are available now.

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