by Lyle Smith

Super Talent Storage POD Mini Unveiled; a Fast, Portable USB 3.0 Solution

Super Talent Technology, a manufacturer of NAND flash-storage solutions, have announced their newest portable SSD, the Storage POD Mini. With USB 3.0 and SSD technologies, it is now possible to create a USB storage solution that is smaller, lighter, and more durable than traditional HDDs and the Storage POD Mini is no exception. The blue anodized, all-aluminum enclosure allows the device to be sturdy yet small enough (110 x 68 x 10 mm) to easily fit in a pocket. The Storage POD Mini is also fully backward compatible to USB 2.0.

With its SandForce SSD processor reaching speeds of over 260MB/s, the Storage POD Mini is powerful enough to render videos, animations, and photography. In addition, its on-board processor is able to significantly accelerate real-world performance by compressing data in real-time; it writes and decompresses data as it reads. This enables data to use less space while transferring more efficiently.

Storage POD Mini has a One-Touch Backup button that, when pressed, backs ups all pre-determined data areas at writes speeds of up to 174MB/s. It also has a Read/Write switch to protect your data from unintentional writes, similar to an SD card.

The Storage POD Mini is now shipping in 60GB, 120GB, and 240GB capacities.

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