by Mark Kidd

Unstoppable Datacenters [STA 2012]

The latest manufacturer approaches to SAS-based data integrity were on display at the SCSI Trade Association Technology Showcase. STA demonstrations from sponsors including Western Digital, HGST, HP, LeCroy, LSI, PMC-Sierra, SanDisk and Seagate incorporated multi-level protocol protection, including PHY, link, and transport levels. From simple parity and CRC up to RAID and T10 Protection Information (PI) technology, STA sponsors highlighted the need for end-to-end data protection and promoted solutions that paired data integrity solutions with high availability features.

SAS Storage systems and devices can utilize T10 PI to defend against transmission, translation, and routing errors that can occur in transit from the application to storage media and back. T10 solutions add metadata to each logical block so that when a path is broken or becomes inaccessible data is still readily accessible via redundant paths.

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