by Brian Beeler

VMworld 2017: Top 10 vSAN Sessions

VMworld 2017 is around the corner; I've just booked the travel and look forward to another year of learning, cultivating relationships and kicking off new reviews. We're getting busy with vSAN content in the lab again, which reminded me to check out the vSAN specific sessions at VMworld this year. The good news and bad news of it though, is that there are currently 119 vSAN sessions listed. While far too many for any one sane person to attend, I've done the legwork for you and identified the Top 10 vSAN sessions to consider. These cover everything we love about vSAN ranging from intro-level content for the uninitiated, to sessions on performance testing and tuning (Kevin's favorite). I also selected a few future looking vSAN sessions, be it via emerging hardware, or a fun personality, like Chad Sakac's session on how Dell Technologies views cloud, converged and analytics. Whatever you choose it will be hard to go wrong; VMworld is always one of the event highlights of the year and vSAN is rightfully a massive focus this year. ​

  • STO2138QU – August 27, 2017 4:00pm to 4:30pm: An Introduction to VMware Software-Defined Storage – A quick introduction to software defined storage and the basics on VMware vSAN, virtual volumes, and storage policy-based management.
  • STO1179BU – August 28, 5:30pm to 6:30pm: Understanding the Availability Features of vSAN – This session covers the availability features in vSAN. This features range from how vSAN stores VM objects to storage policy-based management as well as RAID1 mirroring and RAID5/6 erasure coding
  • STO1264BU – August 28, 5:30pm to 6:30pm: The Top 10 Things to Know About vSAN – As the title of the session implies, attendees will learn what Duncan Epping and Cormac Hogan, two chief technologists for VMware, believe are the top 10 things to know about vSAN. The 10 things range from design phase to benchmarking to operational.
  • STO1895BU – August 29, 2017 11:30am to 12:30am: Optimizing vSAN with vRealize Operations – vRealize Operations offers several key insights that can help users optimize their vSAN deployments. This session gives users ways to make their vSAN perform better while troubling shooting issues using VMware vRealize Log Insight.
  • STO2591BU – August 29, 2017 5:30pm to 6:30pm: Amplifying VMware vSAN Performance: A Deep Dive into Testing and Tuning (with Lessons Learned) by Western Digital – WD will go over the lessons it has learned from its ongoing vSAN performance test bed. From their experience they will help teach best practices and why they are done.
  • STO1794BU – August 30, 2017 8:30am to 9:30am: The Evolution of VMware vSAN and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure – This session looks at the evolving nature of the data center and customers needs and how vSAN has the right architectural foundation to address these needs. Attendees will also learn how vSAN can adapt to meet new demands.
  • PBO3334BUS – August 30, 2017 8:30am to 9:30am: State of the Union: Everything multi-cloud, converged, hyper-converged and more! – Dell EMC’s President and General Manager Chad Sakac will give his perspective on the changing landscape of technology and talk some on potential future technology.
  • STO2705BU – August 30, 2017 10:00am to 11:00am: Redefine vSAN Deployments with Next Generation Intel Xeon processor, Intel Optane and Intel 3D NAND SSDs – New technology is promising better performance in several areas. This session gives users best practices for getting the most out of this new technology in the vSAN environments.
  • STO1500BU – August 30, 2017 1:00pm to 2:00pm: A Real-World Demonstration of Assessing and Sizing a Customer Environment for vSAN – vSAN is being rapidly adopted but some who are on the fence may like to see a real-world demo of how to go about adopting it. In this demo users will see how to assess what they need including sizing, calculating TCO, and selecting the correct vSAN ReadyNode for their environment.
  • STO1515BU – August 30, 2017 4:00pm to 5:00pm: Extreme Performance Series: vSAN Performance Troubleshooting – Troubleshooting vSAN can be tricky due to its interconnectedness of storage, networking, and compute. This session gives users the tools and techniques they need to successfully troubleshoot vSAN and get the performance they need. 

VMworld 2017

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