by Lyle Smith

Seagate Video 2.5-inch HDD for 24/7 Video Applications Announced

Seagate Technology has announced the Seagate Video 2.5 HDD, a 2.5-inch drive specifically designed for 24/7 video applications such as DVRs, set-top boxes, and surveillance applications. The Video 2.5 HDD boasts high performance in three key areas of importance to manufacturers: high reliability, acoustics, and energy efficiency. Based on current configurations, the new drive has an annual failure rate of roughly 0.55, which allows customers to keep it in the field longer all the while reducing the cost of field deployment and maintaining customer retention. The Video 2.5 HDD also has 24/7 operation capabilities in extended temperature ranges as well as enhanced acoustics for virtually silent operation.

The Video 2.5 HDD features capacities up to 500GB so that manufacturers can benefit from its lower-power performance and slim form factor without having to sacrifice the streaming capabilities or reliability of Seagate’s 3.5-inch video drive. Additionally, its low power consumption, 24/7 operation, and 12 streams of simultaneous HD content support make it an attractive option for surveillance DVR applications.

Seagate’s new drive operates at just 22db, which is below the range of audible sound for the human ear. This provides optimized acoustics for home entertainment components as the living-room environment requires superior acoustic management to limit audible distractions during operation of DVRs and STBs.

By efficiently packing and shipping more units with fewer materials than larger drives, the Video 2.5 HDD reduces packaging materials by 53 percent and overall freight up to 30 percent compared to previous 3.5-inch drives. It also boasts a 55 percent improvement in power savings over comparable 3.5-inch products; this enables system integrators to meet aggressive new energy requirements. Additionally, the Seagate Video 2.5 HDD is built without using harmful chemicals such as fire retardant bromide and is also PVC free.

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