by Brian Beeler

Adam Laub, STEALTHbits

It's one thing to store data, manage it, back it up and deal with the rest of the information life cycle. There's much more at play though, and smart organizations are turning inward to better understand what's happeneing with their data. Almost every organization has a NAS or server with unstrcutured data, much of it containing sensitive data from customer information to proprietary business information. Knowing that a file was accessed is one thing, but knowing who is accessed it, when, and what they’re doing with it is crucial to security, satisfying audit requirements, as well as operational efficiency. Adam Laub, STEALTHbits’ Senior Vice President of Product Marketing, talks to us about the issues enterprises face when considering data usage and access and how STEALTHbits aims to provide more insights and intelligence with their new File Activity Monitoring product.