by Michael Rink

Cohesity Expands Security Capabilities

Today Cohesity expanded its security capabilities by releasing a new app through their marketplace, Cohesity CyberScan. Cohesity was founded in 2013 and is partially funded by Google Ventures. It is a well-established provider of both software and converged appliance data management solutions. Their current flagship product is SpanFS, a file system platform capable of spanning across on-premise, cloud, and edge storage.

Cohesity CyberScan is tightly integrated into Cohesity's ecosystem. CyberScan works by scanning backup copies on Cohesity DataPlatform to avoid affecting the live production copy and customer experience. The application also takes advantage of Cohesity's unique architecture to run directly on the Cohesity cluster, where the data sits, rather than moving data to a separate application environment.

Cohesity CyberScan utilizes in its scans to locate exposures against regularly published entries within the public Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures database (CVE database). The scans work to identify any vulnerabilities across an organization’s IT environment, including the operating system, computer, network devices, and configurations. Once the scans are complete, the application gives a global view of all vulnerabilities through a security dashboard along with actionable recommendations on how to address exposures before hackers exploit them.



Cohesity CyberScan

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