by Adam Armstrong

Dell And Microsoft Announce A Hybrid Cloud Solution With Unique Payment Plan

Today at Dell World 2015, Dell Inc. announced that it has been working with Microsoft to release a new hybrid cloud solution. This expansion of Dell’s cloud portfolio is all about making the path to cloud more attractive to customers by tackling the barriers that make them hesitate. On top of that, Dell now has an industry-unique payment solution that will further increase the appeal of hybrid clouds by helping to minimize risks.

Through a recent poll, Dell found that 90% of IT believe that a hybrid cloud strategy is important to achieve a Future-Ready Enterprise. And they found that 55% of organizations use more than one type of cloud. Dell also found that what is holding up organizations from adopting and implementing the cloud are cost, security, and complexity. Dell is extending its collaboration with Microsoft (previously successful with Cloud Platform System Premium [CPS]) to deliver a new Hybrid Cloud System for Microsoft that will break through the above-mentioned barriers.

This new Cloud system is the industry’s first integrated, modular hybrid cloud solution. Dell states that the system will deliver simplified, automated deployment and maintenance capabilities along with a payment option that reduces customer risks. Built around CPS standards, the Dell Hybrid Cloud System for Microsoft combines Dell’s modular infrastructure with pre-configured Microsoft CPS software, including Microsoft’s proven software stack and Azure Services for back-up, site recovery, and operational insights. Dell will also include ProSupport and Managed Cloud Services. Dell further claims that its new system will deliver unparalleled hybrid cloud governance, control, and policy-based automation for Microsoft Azure and other cloud environments.

The Dell Hybrid Cloud System for Microsoft provides customers with:

  • On-premises private cloud, with consistent Azure public cloud access in less than three hours, and minimized downtime with unified system updates that are non-disruptive, fully automated, dependency-aware and smart-sequenced.
  • The ability to build and provision workload templates and flexibly deploy business services and governance models of multiple cloud environments from one management construct, via out-of-the-box integration with Dell Cloud Manager (DCM).
  • Unified, simplified private-with-public cloud management and consumption control across Windows Azure Pack (WAP), Azure and other cloud services.

Dell’s new payment plan, Dell Cloud Flex Pay, allows customers of the Dell Hybrid Cloud System for Microsoft to pay for an initial six-month evaluation term that when it ends, the customer have the options of extending the evaluation period, continue to use the solution, return it, or take ownership of it.


Dell Hybrid Cloud System for Microsoft is available now.

Dell Hybrid Cloud System for Microsoft

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