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Dell Announces Enterprise Latitude Chromebook

Today, at VMworld 2019, Dell Technologies announced a partnership with Google to make Enterprise Latitude Chromebook laptops and improvements to its Unified Workspace IT support software. Latitude is Dell’s business laptop brand and they have not previously offered Chromebooks under that brand name.

Dell's new Latitude Chromebook Enterprise notebooks will have the option of either eighth-generation intel core i5 or i7 processors. The devices will come in either thirteen or fourteen-inch models, putting them on the smaller end of Dell's Latitude models released so far this year. Dell is planning to provide LTE hardware in all their Chromebook models and allow customers their choice of mobile broadband provider. We don’t have full specs from Dell yet, but the Latitude Chromebooks have a starting list price of $699 which is pretty close to the official $698.57 list price of Dell’s fourteen inch Chromebook 14 3400 so I wouldn’t be surprised if the specs are fairly similar.

In terms of software, Dell will be adding a pre-OS hardware diagnostic and the Dell ProSupport software Suite. The Latitude Chromebooks will also have Dell Technologies Unified Workspace installed, which allows IT teams to automate deployment, security, management, and support tasks.

New features for Dell’s IT support software, Unified Workspace include:

  • A simplified way to automatically set and vault individual Dell BIOS Admin passwords remotely with VMware Workspace ONE.
  • VMware Workspace ONE now integrates with Dell SafeBIOS to ensure continuous verification of the BIOS state against desired baselines and can automate remediation.
  • Persist Workspace ONE on each device, so IT can restore management, recover the device, and get end users up and running quickly over the air. The feature works in the event of the accidental or malicious deletion of the Workspace ONE agent.


Starting August 27th, 2019 from $699 to $819 in 50 countries

Dell Latitude

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