by Lyle Smith

Dell Announces VMware vVols and VSAN 6 Support

Dell has announced they will be releasing VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols) integration to all Dell Storage PS Series (EqualLogic) customers upon its general availability; at no additional cost. vVols is a major update to the vSphere storage stack, providing Dell Storage customers with VM-aware storage, which allows them to save time and streamline management. Dell also announced their latest generation of PowerEdge servers are the first to market with 12Gb SAS controllers to be certified for Virtual SAN (VSAN) 6.

Dell Storage PS6210XS

vVols allows for management and data services to more granularly monitor and protect data in virtualized environments. For instance, traditional vSphere virtual machine snapshots transform to array based snapshots and can be kept indefinitely and restored in seconds. Dell also indicates that vVols-based VMs can now be deployed within seconds, which previously took minutes. In addition, granular “per-VMDK monitoring” means that vSphere administrators and storage administrators will see the same performance metrics in their preferred tools, allowing teams to work more efficiently when resolving issues.

Virtual SAN 6
Dell’s latest generation of PowerEdge servers are the first to market with 12Gb SAS controllers certified for Virtual SAN 6. Combined with VMware’s new Virtual SAN 6 offering, Dell’s storage-optimized PowerEdge servers help customers to get a single virtualized layer of compute and storage to tackle a variety of use cases and workloads. For example, the flexibility of Dell’s PowerEdge FX2 combined with the simplicity of Virtual SAN 6 gives customers the ability to effortlessly adjust their storage requirements in order to satisfy application requirements without having to worry about complex infrastructure changes.

VMware Launches Virtual SAN 6 And vSphere Virtual Volumes

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