by Adam Armstrong

Dell EMC All-Flash VMAX 950F Released

Today Dell EMC made several announcements updating their systems to all-flash versions, including their high-end, midrange, and unstructured storage systems. On the high-end, is the all-new, all-flash VMAX 950F. This new high-end VMAX is stated as being four times faster than its nearest competitor and is designed to support the world’s most mission-critical workloads.

Last year EMC declared 2016 the year of all flash. Since then the company has been swallowed by Dell to become Dell EMC, but they have been coming through on their promise by adding more and more flash and all-flash version of their existing products. The VMAX all-flash line ran from the smaller 250F all the way up to the 850. Today brings the even higher-performing 950F along with new HYPERMAX software.

The 950F All-Flash Array is all about performance. The company states that the 950F is 68% faster and offers 30% better response times (6.7M IOPS for RRH, 350 microseconds response times for OLTP, and 150GB/s of sustained bandwidth) than the previous generation. The 950F also allows customers to consolidate, as it is 25% smaller than its predecessor (for the same performance). The 13TB entry point for the 950F allows mixing mainframe and open systems. Dell EMC states that the VMAX 950F’s high performance and scalability make it the ideal platform for consolidating enterprise workloads.

Along with its high performance and scalability to the VMAX All-Flash line, Dell EMC has made several software enhancements to its HYPERMAX. These enhancements include:

  • RecoverPoint support – VMAX customers can now utilize Dell EMC RecoverPoint 5.1 to heterogeneously replicate to/from Dell EMC storage arrays (including VMAX All Flash, XtremIO, UNITY, VMAX3, VMAX2, VMAX1 and VNX) for flexible disaster recovery.
  • Secure snapshots – prevent accidental or malicious deletion of SnapVX snapshots to protect against both internal and external threats.
  • Data-At-Rest Encryption (D@RE) external key manager – integration with external key managers enables customers to leverage a centralized key management platform for all cryptographic keys and applications including D@RE. Gemalto SafeNet KeySecure and IBM Secure Key Lifecycle Manager are supported in this HYPERMAX release.
  • Non-Disruptive Migration (NDM) with SRDF/S – migrate with confidence by maintaining synchronous replication on the source array while migrating to VMAX All Flash – all without disrupting the host.


The new VMAX 950F can be ordered now and is expected to be generally available in June of this year.

Dell EMC VMAX All-Flash

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