by Adam Armstrong

Dell EMC Announces A Rugged Version Of its 14G PowerEdge Servers

Recently Dell EMC has made much ado about its recent 14G PowerEdge line of servers. The new servers bring new levels of performance and flexibility and now they are making up the backbone of several of Dell EMC’s product lines, such as it HCI line. Now Dell EMC OEM Solutions is releasing a rugged version of the 14G PowerEdge Servers with the PowerEdge XR2.

Built to take a beating, the PowerEdge XR2 replaces the PowerEdge R420xr, and like the rest of the 14G line, it brings more performance, security, and management features. Dell EMC claims that the new server can withstand harsh conditions such as military vehicles and weapons, mobile C3 and C5ISTAR applications, in-vehicle command and control, deployable solutions and transit cases. And, as with most rugged portable servers, the XR2 is mainly designed for the military and oil and gas.

Dell EMC PowerEdge XR2

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