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Dell EMC Announces ECS 3.0

Today at Dell EMC world 2016, Dell EMC announced the latest version of its object-storage platform, Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) 3.0. The updated ECS is geared toward further enabling rapid and wide-scale digital transformation across enterprises globally. The latest version supports the popular PowerEdge servers and, according to Dell EMC, can offer up to 60% lower TCO versus public clouds.

The business world is radically changing with disruption popping up everywhere. While some of this disruption can be good, other companies may be nervous of getting taken out of the market by a smaller startup. One thing that could be holding back companies (both those that are looking to break through and those that want to stay above water) is being shackled to legacy technology infrastructure that is not equipped for cloud native applications or the ability to handle the overwhelming about of unstructured data being generated by IoT for example.

Dell EMC ECS is designed specifically to address the above concerns. Using ECS companies will have the infrastructure they need for modern applications as well as the ability to realize faster time to market and compelling cloud economics. ECS can work with existing IT investments as well.

ECS-related announcements at Dell EMC World 2016:

  • ECS Software on Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers:  ECS is now certified to run on popular PowerEdge Servers, such as the Dell EMC DSS 7000 and the Dell EMC R730xd.
  • New High-Density “D-Series”: Dell EMC launches the ECS D-Series hardware, a high-density appliance aimed at helping organizations with tape replacement efforts. The new D-Series can store up to 6.2PB of data in a single rack, a 63% improvement in capacity over other ECS hardware offerings
  • ECS Dedicated Cloud Service, hosted by Virtustream: The ECS Dedicated Cloud Service is a managed offering that allows customers to provision dedicated ECS units running in Virtustream datacenters around the world.  Entering Directed Availability (DA) later in 2016, the ECS Dedicated Cloud Service combines the rich capabilities of ECS with private cloud control, while offering the hands-off operations and flexibility of the public cloud
  • Cloud Tiering: ECS is now certified to be a cloud storage tier for Dell EMC Data Domain Cloud Tier.
  • Support for Windows applications: With the 3.0 release, ECS can support Windows applications requiring CIFS/SMB access
  • Enhanced Enterprise Capabilities:  ECS 3.0 offers advanced compliance capabilities, improved monitoring and alerting infrastructure and increased storage utilization


Dell EMC ECS 3.0 and D-series hardware are currently available. The ECS Dedicated Cloud Service will be available to select customers later in 2016, with general availability expected in early 2017.

Dell EMC ECS 3.0

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