by Lyle Smith

Dell EMC ECS EX500 Appliance and Software Version 3.4 Now Available

Dell EMC has announced the ECS EX500 Appliance and Software Version 3.4. Object-based solutions like these are designed to effectively handle the constant data growth at a price point that can fit most budgets. The EX500 joins the EX300 and EX3000 as the newest addition to the ECS hardware line while the Software Version 3.4 adds both new and enhanced features.

Designed for midsized enterprises and supporting both modern applications and deep archive use cases, the EX500 is a flexible solution featuring a rack capacity that can scale from 480TB to 4.6PB.

 Dell EMC ECS EX500 specifications include:

  • Clusters ranging from 480TB to 4.6PB per rack
  • Front-accessible and hot-pluggable drives
  • Improved performance via dual, 10-core processors
  • Scale-out nodes:
    • Up to 16 nodes per rack
    • 12 to 24 drives per node
  • 8TB and 12TB disk options
    • Identical performance characteristics with every node

The latest version (3.4) of its accompanying software features a range of improvements, including more data visualization capabilities. Dell EMC indicates that version 3.4 allows organizations to:

  • Ensure enterprise-readiness with capabilities such as advanced STIG hardening, external key management support, custom alerts, and additional security features.
  • Enhance data visibility through improved monitoring metrics and native Grafana, making it easier to make accurate forecasts and to act on capacity alerts.
  • Improve storage efficiency via reduced metadata overhead per object, which increases usable capacity and delivers greater cost savings.
  • Deploy EX500 appliances, as ECS version 3.4 is required to make the full range of EX-series hardware functional, specifically the EX500.


Dell EMC ECS 3.4 and EX500 are available now. 

Dell EMC ECS Object Storage

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