by Adam Armstrong

Dell EMC Expands Data Protection To SMBs With Data Domain DD3300

Today Dell EMC announced that it was expanding its data protection portfolio with a new Data Domain, DD3300. The Data Domain DD3300 is aimed at SMB and entry-level organizations bringing all the enterprise-level benefits of Data Domain in a smaller footprint. The DD3300 will be cloud-ready and offer multi-site scalability.

Protecting data is critical in today’s world full of ransomware attacks. While there are several options for larger companies, the smaller and medium size guys are limited as to where to go. To address this Dell EMC have releases a new 2U Data Domain in the form of DD3300. The company sates that the DD3300 will provide storage protection and an increase in storage with variable-length deduplication, it also offers scalability and WAN bandwidth savings with a data reduction ratio of 10-55x.

The DD3300 is cloud-ready meaning that users can expand logical capacity form the appliance up to 4.8PB through Data Domain Cloud Tier. This takes deduplicated data and tiers it to the cloud for long-term storage and doesn’t need separate cloud gateways or virtual appliances. Data can be tiered to Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS), Virtustream Storage Cloud or one of Dell EMC’s third-party supported clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. Users can also leverage Data Domain Cloud Disaster Recovery enabling copy backed-up virtual machines to AWS for a modern disaster recovery solution that takes advantage of the cloud.

The DD3300 is also ideal for ROBO locations. Not only is it in a compact footprint, the appliance can provide network-efficient and encrypted replication from remote offices to the central data center. With its advanced deduplication, the DD3300 will need to transfer less data across the network.

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