by Adam Armstrong

Dell EMC Expands Its HCI Portfolio With XC Core

Dell EMC announced that it was expanding its hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) portfolio, specifically its XC line, with the introduction of the XC Core. Unlike the rest of the XC line, the XC Series and Xpress appliances, the XC Core leverages Dell EMC hardware and integration software but the core software is licensed and supported directly by Nutanix. The XC Core will still be supported by Dell EMC ProSupport.

HCI went from the fringe to one of the mainstream technologies in just a few short years. Dell EMC has been supporting this trend offering several solutions in the HCI space and providing its XC line that is designed for customers that leverage Nutanix software. Dell EMC is now expanding the line with the XC Core. As stated, XC Core uses Dell EMC hardware and integration software but the core software is licensed and supported by Nutanix. According to the companies, this alternative lets customers buy Nutanix software licenses directly from authorized partners, and then add the licenses to pre-validated XC Core systems that are configured, built and tested by Dell EMC. It also enables license portability across infrastructure components and separate management and support of hardware and software lifecycles.

As Nutanix looks to shift its business to predominately software, Dell EMC will gladly step in and offer the hardware side of things. For those looking to deploy Nutanix software, Dell EMC is a tried and tested route to take. 

Dell EMC XC Series

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