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Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers Refreshed with New Intel CPUs and Optane DC Persistent Memory

With Intel announcing new data center processors today, Dell EMC announced that it has refreshed its PowerEdge Server line to support the new CPUs. The new PowerEdge servers will also support Optane DC Persistent Memory. Aside from the hardware updates, Dell EMC states that the new servers will have better security, more elegant control, and improved scalability. 

IT is getting more complex as it struggles with massive amounts of data and a constantly shifting user base. Any time an enterprise wants to adapt a new technology they need it to be easy for their team to manage, quick deployment, ease of security and compliance, and probably most important, ease of integration with the rest of their gear and the easy ability to scale. These are exactly the issues Dell EMC’s newly refresh PowerEdge line are looking to address.

Intel’s new CPUs can help the PowerEdge servers see up to 40% increase in performance. To learn more about the new CPUs, click here. The CPUs also allow servers to leverage Intel’s Optane DC persistent memory modules (PMMs). Persistent memory has several benefits such as increasing RAM footprint in a cost-effective manner and adding yet another tier to the server to increase performance (a more detailed look can bee read here). A specific benefit Dell EMC calls out is that through leveraging Optane DC persistent memory, users can see up to a 2.7 improvement in SQL database performance. Users of in-memory databases, virtualization, and data analytics can all expect a performance boost when leveraging persistent memory. Another Intel technology that it pertinent to Dell EMC’s HPC line, is Intel Deep Learning Boost. The company claims a 3x improvement in inferencing performance when the technology is utilized.

Aside from the new innovations from Intel, Dell EMC has made a few other changes to its server line. The company has introduced Prescriptive Security with centralized key management through OpenManage Secure Enterprise Key Manager. OpenManage FlexSelect Secure gives users more control over server security for encryption. iDRAC with TLS enablement secures in-band access. And PowerEdge serves adhere to the latest NIS framework SP800-193 and come with end-to-end supply chain assurance. 

From a management perspective, admins can now use augmented reality to uncover incidents in OpenManage Mobile. Through out of band management users can configure and deploy persistent memory across their servers. OpenManage Enterprise FlexSelect enables power management and integration of the new servers. And BIOS tuning can improve scalability and optimize workloads. 


  • Dell EMC OpenManage updates will be generally available across the PowerEdge portfolio throughout the second quarter of 2019.
  • Dell EMC PowerEdge R940, R740, R740xd, R740xd2, R640, and C6420 servers with 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors have planned global availability on April 16, 2019. Additional PowerEdge servers, including those for PowerEdge MX, will be globally available with the processor upgrade in the second quarter of 2019.
  • Intel Optane DC persistent memory will be available for hands-on trials through a Dell EMC customer proof of concept program and through Dell Technologies Customer Solution Centers beginning this April and generally available globally later in the second quarter of 2019 on select two- and four-socket PowerEdge servers.
  • Dell EMC Ready Solutions for HPC with Intel Deep Learning Boost will be globally available on April 23, 2019

Dell EMC PowerEdge

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