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Dell EMC Releases New Generation Isilon Scale-Out NAS

Today Dell EMC unveiled the latest generation of its scale-out NAS platform, Isilon. The new Isilon is based off of the “Infinity” architecture and include All-Flash, hybrid and archive configurations. The new Isilon is designed for demanding file applications across a wide range of industries including media and entertainment, life sciences, and financial services.

Data is exploding and at the same time new demanding applications are being created to further put a strain on IT. Isilon intends to offer a solution to both issues. Using the new “Infinity” architecture, Isilon can bring performance much higher than the current Isilon. Dell EMC states that the new generation Isilon can hit up to 6x the IOPS, 11x the throughput, and all with twice the capacity over the previous generation Isilon. The new generation comes with a modular design enabling customers to scale performance or capacity independently depending on their individual needs. And on a capacity note, Dell EMC states that new Isilon is ultra-dense that can increase data center efficiency, but doesn't give specific numbers at this time.

The three flavors of Isilon run on OneFS operating system. The all-flash version, the Dell EMC Isilon F800, was announced six months ago and will be generally available soon. The F800 model is all about performance and efficiency for unstructured data applications and workloads. Isilon has three new hybrid models, the Isilon H600, Isilon H500 and the Isilon H400. The new hybrid models are a balance between performance and capacity, Dell EMC quotes performance of up to 120K IOPS, 3 GB/s-12GB/s bandwidth and a capacity of up to 480TB per chassis. And the new archive models, the Isilon A200 and the Isilon A2000, provide secure and efficient storage for both active and deep archive storage.

Benefits of the new Isilon models include:

  • Industry Leading Performance and Capacity: According to Dell EMC, the Infinity architecture enables Isilon All-Flash nodes to deliver up to 9x the IOPS, 18x the throughput, and 20x the capacity of the closest competitor.
  • Unparalleled Density: The new Infinity architecture allows is highly dense, enabling customers to reduce their datacenter footprint by up to 75%. 
  • Future-Proof Design: The modular design of new generation of Isilon systems allows customers to easily upgrade performance or capacity independently as their needs evolve.
  • Investment Protection: The OneFS operating system enables the all-new nodes to integrate seamlessly into existing Isilon clusters.

Dell EMC is also announcing enhancements to its popular edge/ROBO SDS solution, IsilonSD Edge. The solution now has new deployment options as well as support for SAN storage and virtualization solutions. IsilonSD Edge software is also supported on the newly announced Dell PowerEdge 14G servers.


The new generation of Isilon can be ordered this month with generally availability expected in June.

Dell EMC Isilon

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