by Adam Armstrong

Dell Partners With Secureworks & CrowdStrike On Endpoint Security

Today Dell introduced a new portfolio of next-generation endpoint security solutions, Dell SafeGuard and Response. This new portfolio represents collaboration with Secureworks and CrowdStrike. These new solutions are designed to prevent, detect and respond to the shifting threat landscape that modern IT environments face.

Cyber attacks are nearly constant. Almost any day one can see the news that some company has been the victim of an attack. The issues companies have in dealing with them are that the perpetrators are always shifting how they attack. A new line of attacks has been a shift to endpoints. This means organizations need to expand their security resources which in turn can add unnecessary complexities. While this is an issue, the cybersecurity skills gap just compounds it.

To reduce complexity while keeping endpoints safe, Dell’s SafeGuard and Response leverages CrowdStrike’s AI-driven and cloud-native endpoint protection along with expert threat intelligence and response management by Secureworks. According to CrowdStrike, its endpoint security solutions can prevent over 99% of malware and non-malware based threats, detect 100% of vulnerabilities, while quickly responding to sophisticated attacks. Secureworks has a behavioral analytics solution, RedCloak, which helps improve the network going forward with prevention, detection and response capabilities. Now Dell customers can order these solutions when they order their new business PCs.

Key features include:

  • CrowdStrike Falcon Prevent: This next-generation antivirus (NGAV) solution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to stop malware and malware-free attacks, offering organizations enhanced protection without requiring signatures and the heavy updates that come with them.
  • CrowdStrike Falcon Prevent and Insight: In addition to the NGAV solution, customers can advance their threat prevention capabilities with Device Control and Falcon Insight, the leading endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution. This enables full visibility into endpoint threat activity and real-time remediation designed to prevent, detect and investigate incidents and stop threats.
  • Secureworks Managed Endpoint Protection: Combined with CrowdStrike Falcon Prevent and Insight and Device Control, this offering provides customers with 24x7 managed services from Secureworks to monitor the state of endpoints for indications of threat actor activity. Secureworks Security Operations Center and Counter Threat Unit will investigate events to determine severity, accuracy and context to suggest remedial actions, giving organizations peace of mind around the clock.
  • Secureworks Incident Management Retainer: In the event of a serious security incident, Secureworks will deploy its On-Demand Incident Response Specialist Team who are highly skilled to respond to and mitigate a cyber incident at any time. Now, organizations with and without security operations centers can have the support and expertise needed in critical times. This service can also be used to build a proactive response plan for future security incidents.


Dell SafeGuard and Response is expected to be available in March 2019 through Dell and its authorized channel partners.

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