by Adam Armstrong

Dell Updates its Wyse Thin Clint Software & Management Suite

Today Dell announced that it was updating its thin client software with an eye for easing setup, management, and the ability to scale VDI solutions. The updates include the latest version of the operating system for Wyse thin clients, ThinOS 8.5, and an update to Wyse Management Suite, version 1.1. Dell is also announcing two new solutions, the Wyse Converter for PCs and Wyse Easy Setup.

Dell continues to improve its Thin Clients to make the experience more PC-like and easier to use overall. The latest release continues this trend along with improving security and easing deployment. Deployment is eased through a new boot configuration wizard, especially helpful to first time users. And from a security standpoint, the OS supports an additional two-factor authentication solution across both Citrix and VMware brokering environments.

New support features include:

  • Citrix RealTime Media Engine and Multiple Audio Device Support: Upgraded HDX RealTime Media Engine and a major audio sub-system enhancement, including secondary ringer support to improve the end-user experience
  • Citrix NetScaler Improvements: Experience heightened security with two-factor authentication and SMS Passcode support through Citrix NetScaler
  • Microsoft RDP10 Support: Higher image quality and readability using existing hardware encoders and decoders
  • VMware Blast Extreme Acceleration: A hardware accelerator for VMware Blast Extreme Protocol ensures high quality video and graphics via onboard GPU acceleration of H.264 video content up to 1920 x 1200 resolution

Released back in July of 2017, the Wyse Management Suite allows organizations to configure, monitor, manage, and optimize Wyse thin client deployments up to tens of thousands of seats. Dell has updated the suite to 1.1 allowing for owners of Wyse Device manager to migrate to the new suite. The latest version also comes with a wizard making it more user-friendly.

Other new features include:

  • Wyse Device Manager Import Tool: Wyse Device Manager customers can easily migrate critical data to the Wyse Management Suite as they manage the transition on their own schedule
  • Remote Shadow: End-user support and troubleshooting is made easy with functionality that allows administrators to access, track and take control of a thin client session, no matter where the endpoint is physically located
  • Advanced Installer: Set up becomes more streamlined by enabling support for MySQL databases and offering the ability to change default ports throughout the entire installation process and beyond
  • Integration of Wyse Ecosystem: Simplified configuration and management of converted PCs and all Wyse thin clients across three operating systems

Thin Clients and VDI offer several benefits but there is one issue that is seldom address: what is an origination to do with existing PCs if they wish to switch over to a VDI environment? Dell is answering this with its new Wyse Converter for PCs, which does exactly as the name implies: converting older PCs to thin client-devices. This allows organizations to capitalize on existing investments while still having a secure and powerful VDI environment. This new solution locks down the older PC’s OS and converts it into a secure thin client, which can be remotely managed via tight integration with Wyse Management Suite 1.1 (or later). This solution will work on PCs running Windows 7 or 10.

To make everything about Thin Clients easier, Dell is also introducing Wyse Easy Setup. As the name implies, this solution allows for admins to easily configure Windows-based thin clients to their organization’s specific IT policy. Admins will also be able to tailor end-user experience for the various needs.


Wyse Management Suite 1.1 and Wyse Easy Setup are available now. Wyse Converter for PCs is expected to be available in late February. And ThinOS 8.5 is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2018.

Dell Wyse Thin Clients

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