by Michael Rink

Elastifile Announces Cloud File Service For Google

Today Elastifile announced signups for early access to Elastifile Cloud File Service (ECFS). ECFS leverages tight integration with Google Cloud infrastructure to make it easier to deploy and manage file storage in the public cloud.

Elastifile partnered with Google Cloud to deliver a fully-managed, cloud-native file service, complete with a full suite of enterprise NAS features.Elastifile Cloud File Service allows users to flexibly select a service class that aligns with their storage budget and performance requirements, with pricing for provisioned capacity as low as $0.10/GB/month. Service classes can later be upgraded or downgraded on-demand, as desired, enabling customers to start small and expand performance or capacity later. The cost of the service is fully integrated into Google Cloud’s pre-existing billing infrastructure, so customers do not need to change their existing payment process, which removes many of the barriers to adoption. Google lists two tiers currently; a standard tier and an SSD tier. Elastifile made a serious effort to remove all barriers to adoption; so ECFS delivers file storage via standard protocols (e.g. NFS), with no need for OS kernel modifications or client-side software installs. This native compatibility with existing applications and workflows eliminates the need for costly refactoring projects. As a result, Elastifile Cloud File Service is an efficient solution for supporting enterprise use cases spanning a wide range of industries such as Media & Entertainment, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, and more. Elastifile’s new service is also well-suited for horizontal use cases such as persistent storage for Kubernetes, data resilience for preemptible cloud VMs, HPC file storage, and scalable NAS for cloud-native services.

ECFS is so fully integrated with Google’s Cloud Platform that the management can be done through the Google-native UI. That means it provides full access to Google Cloud Platform APIs and access from anywhere in the world. Deployment and monitoring are also both fully integrated with Google Cloud Platform. 


Early Access signups are available immediately.

Elastifile Early Access Signup

Google Elastifile Cloud File System

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