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Hitachi Unveils Lineup Of Software-Defined Infrastructure

Today Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) unveiled its new lineup of software-defined infrastructure solutions that are designed for all transactional and analyticdriven workloads. HDS is helping customers leverage information gathered through virtualized, hyper-converged and scale-out platforms to accelerate the journey to IT as a service (ITaaS). HDS is working on this by automating operations to simplify the technology, give customers better access to information, and turning fixed assets into flexible resources.

In order to hit these goals, HDS is taking four key steps. They are extending their family of Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS) to their Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) family. HDS’ Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) will now cover core to edge or small to large converged and hyper-converged infrastructure models. The introduction of the Hitachi Hyper Scale-Out Platform (HSP). And bringing to market new automation software tools for provisioning and protection of application environments.

Hitachi’s VSP family, including the G200, G400, G600 and the upcoming G800, now all have SVOS software. That means from the smallest to the largest all systems have the same virtualization technology that only existed prior in the high-end systems. The VSP family now offers native heterogeneous storage virtualization and multi-site active-active storage, as well as fully compatible data migration, replication and management. This gives customers the flexibility to choose a system that fits the size of their organization versus buying a high-end model for its functional difference.

Hitachi is also adding new hyper-converged and converged infrastructure models to its HPC portfolio. These new models, including the Hitachi UCP 1000 for VMware EVO:RAIL, Hitachi UCP 2000, and the Hitachi UCP 6000 converged model, now support customer needs from core to edge IT workloads. Hitachi’s UCP family also uses Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Director infrastructure automation software to enable customers to rapidly deploy and provision infrastructure.

The new HSP provides customers with on-demand capacity and cost-effective compute performance. HSP is capable of ingesting massive amounts of mixed data types across a distributed, clustered architecture. The hyper scale-out platform is automatically managed by Hitachi file system technology with open source management and virtualization software and is ideal for Hadoop environments.

Hitachi is also bringing to market new automation software tools such as Hitachi Automation Director, Hitachi Infrastructure Director, and Hitachi Data Instance Director. These new software tools are aimed at building ITaaS infrastructure that customers desire. They offer automation of and protection for critical workloads, while reducing both cost and complexity.

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