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HPE Unveils Gen 10 ProLiant Servers

Today at HPE Discover in Las Vegas, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) unveiled what it is referring to as the world’s most secure industry standard servers, the tenth generation ProLiant Servers. HPE is taking a different direction on security by building silicon-based security into its industry standard servers. HPE is also announcing advancements in software-defined infrastructure, which deliver new levels of agility and economic flexibility.

It seems that every few weeks there is a story in the news about some new ransomware attack affecting thousands of users. Not only are these attacks becoming more prevalent, they are becoming more sophisticated. According to Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) research, more than half of all cyber security professionals reported at least one incident of malware-infected firmware last year. HPE has created a link between its HPE silicon and the HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO) firmware that prevents servers from executing compromised firmware code. Building the security directly into the silicon provides the highest level of security yet while also granting the ability to recover the essential server firmware automatically.

HPE’s silicon “root of trust” security puts security directly on the iLO chip and creates an immutable fingerprint in the silicon. If the firmware doesn’t match the fingerprint, the server won’t boot up. HPE has control over both the silicon chips and the firmware, making it currently the only vendor that can provide this level of security. The new security design also includes state-of-the-art encryption and breach detection technologies and is complemented by HPE supply chain security and HPE Pointnext security assessment and protection services.

Security isn’t the only aspect of the new HPE ProLiant Servers. HPE has also added enhancements to its software-defined infrastructure as well as a new flexible payment method.

New software-defined infrastructure updates include:

  • HPE OneView 3.1 supports the end-to-end Gen 10 server platform and will transform compute, storage and network into software-defined infrastructure. The next generation, version 3.1, delivers composable storage capabilities, improved firmware management, extended support for a broad range of HPE compute platforms and support for new composable ecosystem partners including Mesosphere DC/OS. HPE and Mesosphere recently announced a strategic alliance that will help customers benefit from joint engineering, reference architecture and improved time to value.
  • HPE Intelligent System Tuning offers a dynamic experience around applications in partnership with Intel on the Intel Xeon Processor Scalable family. These unique functions include modulate frequency (jitter smoothing), increased performance (core boosting), and tuning of the server to match workload profiles.
  • HPE Synergy for Gen10 including HPE Synergy 480 and HPE Synergy 660. These compute modules deliver increased performance across compute-and data-intensive workloads, such as financial modeling. In addition, they deliver breakthrough Ethernet 25/50 GB connectivity and a 2.8x increase in direct-attached storage (DAS) capacity.
  • HPE Scalable Persistent Memory, an integrated storage solution that runs at memory speeds with terabyte-scale capacity, unlocking new levels of compute performance with built-in persistence. With up to 27 times faster application checkpoint operations and 20 times faster database restores, HPE Scalable Persistent Memory delivers the fastest persistent memory in the market at scale.

HPE is also offering a consumption-based payment model. Customers only have to pay for what they use and have an on-site buffer that allows them to scale up or down as needs demand. This means no more overprovisioning and no more upfront cash for something that may not be used for a while.

On top of the above features, HPE has partnered with ClearCenter to bring its Linux-based operating system, ClearOS, to HPE ProLiant servers. This partnership will help bring a powerful IT solution to the small and medium business that need a simple web-based user interface and a built-in application marketplace. This partnership goes hand in hand with HPE's newly announced ProLiant MicroServer including the ProLiant ML30 and ProLiant DL20 servers refreshed with new Kaby Lake processors from Intel.


The new generation of HPE ProLiant Servers, HPE Synergy Compute Modules, and HPE Converged System are expected to be available in the summer of 2017.

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