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Lexar Professional 1066x CompactFlash Card Review

Lexar has expanded their CompactFlash library with the new line of Professional 1066x CompactFlash cards, which is now their top-performing CF line. Delivering a reported 160MB/s in read transfers (vs. 120MB/s in their next-fastest line), the 1066x line is geared towards enthusiasts or professional photographers and videographers. These cards can be loaded into HD camcorders, 3D cameras, or DSLR cameras to capture modern video formats (1080p, 3D, and 4K) across a range of top-tier as well as entry-level hosts.

The 1066x line leverages UDMA 7 technology and complies with VPG-65 specifications. The cards are capable of rapid card-to-computer transfers when used with a UDMA 7-enabled card reader, which improves their efficiency in post-production. Image Rescue, which assists with photo and video file recovery in the event of card corruption or accidental erasure, can be downloaded for free. The cards are available in capacities of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB ($68.99, $116.99, $205.99, $397.99, $862.99, respectively), and carry a limited lifetime warranty. Our review unit is the 32GB model.


  • Capacities
    • 16GB (LCF16GCRBNA1066)
    • 32GB (LCF32GCRBNA1066)
    • 64GB (LCF64GCRBNA1066)
    • 128GB (LCF128CRBNA1066)
    • 256GB (LCF256CRBNA1066)
  • Performance: 160MB/s read, 65MB/s write
  • UDMA 7
  • Warranty: limited lifetime (or 10 years if purchased in Germany)

Design and Build

The face of the card has standard branding which also displays capacity. The back is simple black and white with a labeling sticker for organizational purposes. Standard CF connectors line the side of the card.


In this review, we will compare the performance of the Lexar Professional 1066x card to that of Lexar's Professional 1100x XQD card. Using our HP Z620 Workstation Testing Platform, we measured transfer speeds from the new Lexar Professional 1066x 32GB with IOMeter. The 1066x performed fairly well in terms of sequential workloads, achieving 115.9MB/s and 112.7MB/s in read and write, respectively. The 1100x outperformed the 1066x in both read and write, with 171.3MB/s and 128.6MB/s, respectively.

Random workloads were similar for the 1066x in terms of read transfers (115.6MB/s). However, write performance fell considerably to 22.3MB/s. The 1100x showed a similar trend, with 170.1MB/s and 9.2MB/s in read and write, respectively.


The new Professional 1066x CF line by Lexar was developed to deliver fast transfers for media enthusiasts or professionals with up to 256GB of storage space. The entire line is compatible with modern equipment specifications across many different brand hosts, and can handle 1080p, 3D, and 4K video formats. The cards can be protected with the downloadable Image Rescue software, which recovers some photo and video data in the event of data loss.

The Professional 1066x line performed well overall, though it fell short of Lexar's reported read transfer speed of 160MB/s. That being said, write transfers were better than those reported by Lexar (112.7MB/s in sequential workloads vs. 65MB/s reported).


  • Top-line compatibility
  • Good transfer speeds overall
  • High capacity options


  • Lower random write performance

The Bottom Line

The Lexar Professional 1066x line would be ideal for a media professional or enthusiast using CF cards and desiring top-level performance and capacity.

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