by Adam Armstrong

Micron Announces 32GB NVDIMM

Today at the SuperComputing 2017 conference in Denver, Colorado, Micron Technology, Inc. announced its new 32GB NVDIMM-N. This new NVDIMM offers twice the capacity of existing NVDIMMs. Micron claims that this will be the first solution to deliver 2933 MT/s speeds, which can help OEMs by giving them new flexibility to work with larger data sets in fast persistent memory.

The storage needs in data centers are only going up. On top of that, business are requiring higher availability meaning access speeds to key datasets have to be improved. One way to do this is to place these datasets in memory, however, DRAM is expensive and if power goes out the data is lost. Companies that want near-memory speeds but the persistence of NAND are turning to NVDIMMs as a stepping stone that can reduce the bandwidth gap between memory and storage. Micron is now offering a new NVDIMM with twice the capacity as pervious models and speeds up to 2933MT/s.

This larger capacity NVDIMM would enable applications that need frequent updates (e.g. journaling or transactional logging of metadata) to leverage this faster mode of storage versus the traditional farther away storage. The new NVDIMM is also ideal for use cases such as finance, medicine, retail, and oil and gas exploration. From a performance perspective, Micron is claiming customers will be able to see an increase in read-centric performance by 11% and write-centric performance by 63% for block level data.

Micron is also announcing that it is collaborating with Dell and VMware to increase the performance for virtualized applications. According to the companies involved, customers will be able to run multiple operating systems in a virtualized environment while at the same time reducing overall network traffic, by leveraging virtual persistent memory.

Micron will be demonstrating the new NVDIMM on a Dell PowerEdge 14G server at SC17 at the Micron Booth (#1963).


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