NetApp Flash Storage

NetApp’s plug-and-play, portfolio-wide flash-based storage options scale IT performance, efficiency, and flexibility. 

Flash-based storage improves I/O performance and efficiency for many applications, including database acceleration, server and desktop virtualization, and cloud infrastructure. NetApp® end-to-end flash options—hybrid Flash/HDD systems, server-based caching, and all-flash arrays—optimize enterprise storage for application-specific and shared storage environments.

Our flash-based solutions help you:

  • Speed overall IT performance.
  • Boost responsiveness of performance-critical applications.
  • Reduce power costs and over-provisioning.
  • Use more high-capability, low-cost SATA drives.
  • Improve utilization of your data center space.
  • Learn how NetApp’s leadership in IT Innovation can benefit your business

A Clustered SAN that Excels at Scale-Out
Storage systems today must match agility with diversified I/O performance to satisfy an enterprise’s changing needs. In their review, Silverton Consulting ranks the NetApp FAS6240 Clustered SAN, as an Enterprise OLTP “Champion of Champions.” Read the results of their benchmark testing and the features that impressed them the most.
Full Review (PDF)

IDC Explains the Role of SSDs in Enterprise Architectures
Gone are the days when flash was used only in high-performing environments where the cost could be justified. This IDC report explains how to benefit from:

  • Real-time production of hot data
  • End-to-end intelligent caching for storage systems
  • I/O data requests optimized for cost and performance without complex data classification
  • Support for PCIe and SSDs

Full Report (PDF)

Flash Storage For Dummies
Flash Storage For Dummies explores the many uses and benefits of flash storage technology in the enterprise. From server cache and back-end storage cache to hybrid and all flash arrays, flash technology improves performance and increases reliability in storage infrastructures. It also reduces energy and real-estate costs in the data center.
Full Report (PDF)

Deploying Flash in the Enterprise
Flash is quickly emerging as the preferred way to overcome the nagging performance limitations of hard disk drives. However, because flash comes at a significant price premium, outright replacement of HDDs with flash only makes sense in situations in which capacity requirements are relatively small and performance requirements are high. Learn how deployment approaches—including hybrid storage arrays, server flash, and all-flash arrays—that combine the performance of flash with the capacity of HDDs can be cost effective for a broad range of performance requirements.
Full Report (PDF)